Ludwig hit with shock YouTube ban just days after big move

Isaac McIntyre
Ludwig stunned on stream.

Ludwig has been suspended on YouTube just days after leaving his original streaming home Twitch to join the Google-owned giant, with many speculating the shock ban came as a result of DMCA strikes.

The 26-year-old has been the talk of the streaming world these past few days, after he signed an exclusive streaming deal with Twitch arch-rivals YouTube.

While Ludwig’s first stream went swimmingly, the ever-rising star appears to have hit a roadblock less than 72 hours into his big swap: midway through his December 2 broadcast, Ahgren was slapped with a YouTube suspension, due to “policy violations” from one of his first streams.

The star’s channel is still accessible, for now, but he can no longer go live.

Ludwig already addressed his YouTube suspension too, with a hilarious response. He joked on Twitter, “You could say the switch has been going well.”

More than 20,000 fans were watching the new YouTuber live when he was blindsided by the ban. Ahgren’s first stream was watched by more than 680,000 viewers, and he has raked in over 80k new subscribers since Tuesday’s big reveal, firing his channel to 2.17m in total.

At the time of the “policy violation” Ludwig was watching other YouTube videos, reacting to streamer news, and interacting with his fans and chatters.

Watch Ludwig’s ban from 1:35:14 in video below (NB: currently disabled).

Why was Ludwig banned on YouTube?

The star’s December 2 ban has already sparked major speculation, mainly about why he was stripped of streaming privileges. Many are assuming Ludwig over-stepped YouTube’s DMCA line when he played several Cocomelon and Pinkfong children’s music videos, including viral hit “Baby Shark.”

The 26-year-old has since confirmed this is indeed the reason behind the ban.

“Only two days on YouTube and I got banned from streaming,” he laughed. “What happened was I was trying to look at the top fifty greatest vintage YouTube videos. Along the way, I ended up listening to a few seconds of Baby Shark, which… I won’t dare listen to again.

“I’m pretty sure the corporate overlords that own Baby Shark have an iron fist on YouTube, and so they took me down. Not in this car!”

Ludwig on Youtube.
Ahgren revealed he was hit with a DMCA strike over the “Baby Shark” video.

“Okay, it looks like DMCA may be a little more of a concern than I originally had imagined,” he continued. “I thought what would happen is because of YouTube’s robust content ID system, they’d flag it, take the monetization from the stream. Baby Shark doesn’t work like that though.”

“It is crazy,” he added. “In four years on Twitch, I never got banned.”

There has been no confirmation regarding when Ludwig’s ban will end, however. Dexerto will be sure to update readers once we have more details.