Dr Disrespect conjures up crazy plan for $250,000 full-body racing simulator

Dr Disrespect thinkingYouTube: Dr Disrespect

Mustached maverick and YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect has floated the bizarre idea of investing $250,000 (or more) into a 360-degree full-body racing simulator. 

Viewers of Dr Disrespect’s YouTube (formerly Twitch) streams will be familiar with the eclectic activities that occur regularly. The Doc’s big personality is like a magnet for the absurd – and his streams are all the better for it.

We’ve seen him take on the challenge of producing his own Rogue Company map, which he passed with flying colors, as well as hitting out at The New York Times’ bestseller list because his memoir failed to feature.

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During an April stream though, the Doc turned his attention to a rather niche area of gaming – full-body motion simulators.

Dr Disrespect with memoirTwitter: Dr Disrespect
The Doc even has his own book – aptly named ‘Violence, Speed, Momentum’.

The moments were captured in an April 25 YouTube video, in which the Doc floated the idea of investing a quarter-of-a-million dollars into a full-body racing simulator.

His imagination was captured while watching the Gran Turismo 7 trailer, and the Doc spiraled from there: “I want a full-motion simulation system. I do, I’ll pay two to three hundred grand. There I said it… I’ll buy the full 360-degree motion simulation system. I’ll get into racing. Why not?”

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Timestamp 4:45 

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He quickly found a video showcasing an awesome full-body racing simulator, but it wasn’t quite as fashionable as the Doc wanted.

“See I wanna build like panels around here with the Doc logo,” he said, gesturing at the back of the simulator’s seat. “Almost like the outline of a black sports car. Just give it a nice special look.”

He even said that his dream simulator would have an iPad build it, allowing him to read chat while he’s simulating a high-tension race.

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While we can’t comment on whether the Doc’s investment idea will lead anywhere, we’d certainly be interested in seeing the two-time stream from his own full-body racing simulator. Imagine how good the mustache would look.

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