Dr Disrespect claims his memoir was snubbed on “scam” Times bestseller list

Dr Disrespect with memoirTwitter: Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect isn’t impressed with his memoir, “Violence. Speed. Momentum,” being left off the New York Times’ best seller list for April 2021. The two-time himself claims his book outsold practically every other on the “scam” list, issuing a challenge to the panel: Put him on the list, or he will die trying.

Guy Beahm, the man behind Dr Disrespect, has taken a step away from the stream deck to pen a memoir on his streaming career in his infamous alter ego.

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The former Call of Duty developer turned YouTube superstar has been in the headlines for years.

From his scandalous streams to his eventual ban on Twitch, the memoir goes through all the big moments in a unique autobiography labeled “KSI meets Ron Burgundy.”

The book sold like hotcakes. People were pre-ordering it across the world. Dr Disrespect claimed “billions” were waiting for a copy (likely closer to hundreds of thousands), and he had his sights set on the prestigious New York Times bestseller list.

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However, the Times’ list, widely recognized as the best globally, didn’t believe the two-time’s biography was all it was chopped up to be.

Being left off the first weekly list after the memoir’s March 31 release, the Doc let them know about it.

“Hey New York Times, a book that made Top 15 on your new bestseller list sold under 5,000 copies. We sold more than that first day of announcing and we didn’t even make the list? You’re a fucking scam,” he said on Twitter.

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While it’s not exactly clear what book Dr Disrespect is referencing, four new books managed to crack into the Top 15 this week.

15th place in the non-fiction category was Tammy Duckworth’s “Every Day Is a Gift,” a memoir written by the Illinois senator.

“We did [five times] more books sold than a book that premiered in Top 15 on this shitty New York Times phony massacre best sellers list. And we were completely left off the list,” he said in a now-deleted follow-up.

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Dr Disrespect tweet on NY Times Best Seller list

The two-time, not one to take a loss lightly, has issued the New York Times a challenge. He will continue pumping his book numbers through the roof, and crack into the Top 15.

“We created an objective and we blew it out of the water just to be [f**ked] in the end. I like this challenge. Game on.”

He might be the two-time Blockbuster video game world champion, but the Doc has high hopes his memoir will crack that record.

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