Doja Cat thanks “queen” Pokimane for saving her Twitch streaming return

pokimane-doja-cat-twitch-chat-modTwitter: Pokimane / Wikimedia Commons

Doja Cat thanked Iman ‘Pokimane’ Anys for saving her Twitch stream during her much-anticipated return to the platform, playing tech support and helping her keep up with the sheer number of messages in chat.

Doja Cat hasn’t been overly active on Twitch since launching her very own channel in February 2021.

However, she made an exciting return to the platform on October 29 and decided to stream some Grand Theft Auto.

Unfortunately, it was marred by the fact that thousands of people were typing messages in chat. It proved to be distracting and a little overwhelming, especially because she was trying to solve technical issues.

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Fortunately, Poki was on standby to give her a helping hand. She put her chat moderation skills to good use and helped solve the problem, much to the delight of Doja Cat.

Doja Cat still finds time to stream on Twitch despite her busy schedule.

Pokimane saves Doja Cat’s Twitch chat

Doja Cat was having a hard time keeping up with thousands of viewers all talking all at once in chat, particularly because she was racking her brain trying to solve technical difficulties with lag during her stream.

Fortunately, Poki came up with the perfect solution: She used the Slow Mode command to limit how often users can send messages, making it impossible for them to send more than one message every 10 seconds.

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Doja Cat was thrilled and extremely grateful. “Everybody say thank you, Pokimane! And then say queen!” she squealed.

Poki offers to give Doja a new streaming set up

Unfortunately, although the chat issue had been resolved, the lag continued to be a problem. “Is that normal?” said Doja Cat, who had become increasingly frustrated.

“I always see people on Twitch, and their sh*t is perfectly synched.”

Poki was adamant the problem was her streaming set-up and offered to give her a new one.

“It’s because you’re streaming from a toaster or some sh*t,” she said. “You deserve better than this. I will literally come over and give you a full set-up.”

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Doja Cat’s streaming setup is not the only thing Poki is looking to fix.

She recently launched a new talent management and brand consulting firm called RTS, which she believes will help “fix the gaming and esports industry.”

The move has earned her praise from many other streamers, including Dr Disrespect, who described it as a “fantastic move.”