Dixie D’Amelio & Noah Beck call out haters using them to go viral on TikTok

Dixie D'Amelio and Noah Beck look into each others eyes at a tableInstagram: dixiedamelio

On a new episode of the 2 Chix podcast, influencers Dixie D’Amelio and Noah Beck called out haters who make videos about them in order to go viral on TikTok, calling it “toxic.”

Dixie and Noah are two of the most popular stars on TikTok, and the pair have gained an even bigger fanbase since they confirmed they were dating in October 2020.

But while the stars have a huge number of fans, they have also come up against a substantial amount of hate during their time in the public eye.

Several viral TikToks and social media posts were made slamming Dixie for being “rude” to Noah in a lie detector test video after she said she didn’t see herself marrying him. Both stars responded to the hate, with Noah saying: “What matters is how we are offline/in private and we are the only ones who truly know how much we love each other.”

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"Noah Beck and Dixie D'Amelio on the set of her "BeYouTube: Dixie D'Amelio
Noah and Dixie are a hugely popular TikTok couple.

Now, in a new episode of the 2 Chix podcast, Dixie and Noah have slammed haters who make TikToks about them in order to go viral.

Dixie said: “I feel bad for people who hate because I know that they’re probably just going through something and they take their anger out on someone who they don’t know,” with Noah adding: “Or that they know will, if they make a hate video on them it’ll get likes. And it’ll give them some kind of viral moment.”

He went on to discuss his experience of confronting haters directly. “If you DM someone that made a video about you, the way that they switch up. And they’re like ‘oh my God, big fan,’ and it’s like then why did you make that hate video about me? And they’re like, ‘look man I’m just going through some stuff and I just really wanted a viral video,’ and I’m like, that’s not the way to do it.”

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“Yes it went viral — congrats on that by the way — but there’s other ways to do it, there’s other ways to find that high of doing something right, you know.”

Noah went on to call out the TikTok algorithm for pushing negative content, saying: “For some reason TikTok always puts the hate videos on my For You Page. And I’m like, I don’t wanna see this, come on TikTok.”

Dixie explained that “the person who’s giving hate is going to want to give more hate when they know their hate will be praised,” which Noah agreed with, saying “I feel like TikTok should not push these negative videos.”

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It’s clear that viral hate videos are a growing problem on the platform, but whether TikTok finds ways to tackle it remains to be seen.