Dixie D'Amelio slams critics who claim Noah Beck "deserves better" - Dexerto

Dixie D’Amelio slams critics who claim Noah Beck “deserves better”

Published: 15/Dec/2020 18:05

by Alice Hearing


Dixie D’Amelio has hit back at fans for “assuming” things about her relationship with Noah Beck after the pair took a lie detector test in the latest episode of her YouTube series, ‘The Early Late Show With Dixie D’Amelio.’ 

Ever since they confirmed their relationship back in July, Noah and Dixie rival Bryce Hall and Addison as TikTok’s sweethearts. From the drama surrounding Griffin’s alleged cheating scandal to rumors flying when they kissed in the “Be Happy” music video, they’ve stolen the hearts of millions of fans.

But in the aftermath of the lie detector video, some were unhappy about her seemingly “awkward” displays of affection towards him, with several commenting that Noah “deserves better”, especially when he’s known for ‘simping’ over Dixie across social media.


The conversation even spread to TikTok with one person commenting underneath one of Noah’s videos about Dixie: “Bro makes 100 videos about her, but she doesn’t even make two of him.”

Dixie D'Amelio Noah Beck couple TikTok
Instagram: Noah Beck
The lie detector led to criticism from fans in the comments

Noah responded, “What matters is how we are offline/in private and we are the only ones who truly know how much we love each other.”

One tweet criticizing Dixie read, “I feel so bad for Noah to be honest, Dixie honestly treats him like s**t. He’s so in love with her, but I feel like she doesn’t return the love.”

Dixie wasn’t having any of it, responding with an explanation that not all of their relationship exists online: “I love Noah with my whole heart, after being publicly heartbroken before I struggle with displaying love online from the fear of it happening again,” before sarcastically adding, “But I’m glad you know our whole relationship from a YouTube video!”


One person responded in support saying they have a feeling the couple will get married one day, to which Dixie responded, “me too.”

Since tweeting out about the backlash, even her ex-boyfriend Griffin Johnson defended her after the two set aside their differences. He said, “Dixie and Noah are great and you all should be happy for them too.”

Despite speculation from fans and followers, it certainly seems like Noah has zero doubt about how in love they both are and it doesn’t look like they’ll be breaking up any time soon.