Disguised Toast emotionally reacts to his Valorant team qualifying for their first main Tournament

Josh Taylor

Twitch streamer and OfflineTV member Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang emotionally celebrated after his ‘Disguised’ Valorant Game Changers team qualify for a main North American Tournament.

After years of success as a Twitch and YouTube star, Disguised Toast decided to venture into the world of esports back in 2022, founding the Disguised esports organization. He’s since picked up teams in League Of Legends and Valorant, which until now have been fairly unsuccessful.

But recently on July 22, his Valorant Game Changers team achieved a large milestone, becoming the first team under his Disguised esports umbrella to qualify for a main event, causing the Twitch star to express immense relief and joy.

Disguised esports team reaches new high in Valorant qualifier

Whilst anxiously live streaming himself watching his team, Disguised Toast struggled to keep himself together after a few intense rounds. Ultimately to Toast’s relief Disguised GC managed to defeat Supernova Galaxy and qualify for the Main Event of VCT NA Game Changers, leaving the streamer unable to hide his delight.

He said: “We made it to the main event! I’ve never been this far in any esports! Our Valorant Game Changers team has gone further than any of our other teams, ever!”


After a few minutes, the realisation sets in and Disguised Toast jokingly makes out he’s crying stating: “Now I have to spend $20,000 on a boot camp.” 

He later revealed that esports organization The Guard have already offered their services for the team to use their gaming PC setups for the boot camp to reduce the cost.

After only returning to Valorant a few days ago on July 10,  the newly formed roster comprises of well-known North American talent. This includes most notable stars of Katarina (formely of VersionX), Lazylion (formely of Raccoons Black) and Hannah (formely of Gen.G), with the promising young talents of Unstable and Misu rounding out the roster.

Disguised GC is set to face XSET in the Upper Quarterfinals of the VCT NA Game Changers Main Event. Fans can tune into the match at 10pm BST/5 pm EST/ 2 pm PST on July 26 to see if Disguised GC make it further at the main event and keep breaking records for the Twitch streamer.