Disguised Toast reveals which esport DSG is planning to enter next

Luís Mira
Disguised Toast

Popular content creator Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang has dropped a major hint about the esports title he will be dipping his toes into next. At the same time, he has cast doubt on the possibility of signing a Smash player.

The OfflineTV member created his own esports project, Disguised, at the start of the year, and it has proved immensely popular in the community, despite results not always going as expected.

After dropping the men’s Valorant squad last month, Disguised currently has two squads: a men’s League of Legends team, currently competing in NACL, and a Valorant Game Changers squad.

Disguised is on track to cost $1 million in its first year, but that hasn’t kept Toast from making expansion plans and trying to find new ways to cover the costs of the project. Last month, he launched a Patreon, giving fans an exclusive look at the team’s finances, including salaries, revenue and merchandise, in exchange for as little as $5.

Disguised Toast hints at his next esports title

While streaming Disguised’s NACL match against Cincinnati Fear earlier this week, Toast revealed that he is “looking to sponsor a TFT player at competitive events.”

“But it’s not because he’s going to be, like, ‘Yeah, I’m DSG,’” he said. “It’s more to have someone to root for.

“We’re still working out the details. Long story short, TFT is something very high on our priorities. You’ll probably hear something official within the next couple of months.”

Toast made it clear that this is more of a passion project, stating that esports teams “don’t really belong in RNG games”. At the same time, he joked that Teamfight Tactics would be a very cheap game to get into.

“You pay them 50 bucks and that’s more money than they’ve seen their entire life,” he said.

Earlier this month, Disguised vowed to sign a Super Smash Bros. player if his Patreon reached 3,000 subscribers before the end of July. After an initial surge of members, the number of patrons has stabilized at around 1,700, which indicates that the target will not be met.

Toast believes that 1v1 games aren’t attractive for esports teams

And Toast has now explained why he thinks that entering 1v1 games is not a very interesting proposition for esports teams.

“I just don’t think teams really belong in a 1v1 game,” he said. “I still find teams to be a little weird, even in fighting games. My personal opinion is that esports teams, when it comes to 1v1s, it doesn’t translate as well. It can be, like, Cloud9 Mang0 or TSM Leffen, but it’s never like, ‘TSM beat C9’. It’s always like, ‘Mang0 beat Leffen’.

“It’s a big difference where the credit really does go to the player, which it should, it’s a 1v1 game. It doesn’t require teamwork. There’s no team in a teamwork-less game.

“I feel like if I were to get into a fighting game, it would be Riot’s fighting game.”

Riot Games’ fighting game title, tentatively named ‘Project L’, is still under development. In an August 2022 update, the developers said that they were still working on the game’s core mechanics.