Disguised Toast responds to calls to bring back OfflineTV Minecraft server

Disguised Toast side-by-side with Minecraft character holding swordDisguised Toast/Mojang

Twitch star Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang responded to some fans asking him to bring back the OfflineTV Minecraft server now that the game has received a massive update.

Over the last few years, the OfflineTV group has paved the way for streamer-based servers across a variety of different games. They’ve done Rust a few times – even though it has caused plenty of chaos – and they’ve even dipped their toe in Minecraft.

While Minecraft was way less chaotic than Rust – but still had plenty of hijinx of its own – the server eventually petered out as the streamers looked for something new to play.

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Now that the classic sandbox title has received a pretty big update with the release of The Warden NPC, some fans would like to see the server get a new lease of life. However, Disguised Toast isn’t too sure about bringing it back.

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Disguised Toast responds to calls for OfflineTV Minecraft server after 1.19 update

The Twitch star was hosting one of his regular Q&A stream sessions during his June 27 broadcast, when the idea to bring back Minecraft was floated by viewers and his guests, LilyPichu and Michael Reeves.

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“I think a problem with Minecraft is that it has become so content that I don’t know how to go back to treating it like Minecraft, you know,” Toast said. “It’s been so like, oh Minecraft server it’s going to pop off, we’re going to invite this streamer and that streamer, its like ‘lets get Dream and TommyInnit on’ kind of deal, right?

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“I need to learn to just have a regular old Minecraft server (to just play the game) and I don’t know how to capture that feeling. Even if it’s like small, people are going to be like ‘Hey can I play’ and it’s all this extra factor.”

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While Toast isn’t completely opposed to bringing back the server, it seems as if it would certainly take some time before he’d want to do so.

Some of his OfflineTV pals have been competing in Minecraft events, so maybe they’ll be able to get him involved before long. We’ll just have to wait and see.