Alinity “confused” by xQc’s claim that Texas stream house was “hostile”

Alinity confused by xqc streamer house claimsTwitch: xqc / YouTube: Alinity

Twitch star Alinity says she’s “confused” by xQc’s claims that the Texas streaming community is “hostile” and full of “drama” after moving out of a content house in Austin.

Popular Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is stirring up conversation across the net following comments he made regarding the streamer house he used to live at in Austin, Texas.

Lengyel has had to jump from place to place throughout his career due to “daily swattings” and home invasions. These swattings ultimately prompted him to move from his Texas residence.

However, his most recent statements appear to hint that there was more to his relocation, as the streamer referenced an “insane the amount of drama behind the scenes” in the Lone Star State’s streaming community.

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It looks like other streamers living in the area aren’t necessarily in agreement. Fellow streamer Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon chimed in on the drama via Twitter, where she said she was ultimately “confused” by xQc’s opinion.

“Other than a few disagreements (caused by my own stupidity), everyone in Austin has been chill,” she wrote. “Legit confused.”

Cloud9 team manager and musician ‘Kala’ seemed to hold a similar opinion, writing on Twitter: “Was on LSF earlier and saw the sh*t about Texas streamers. My experience with them has been super positive, @Alinity, @Sodapoppintv, @simplyn64, @MitchJonez, @EsfandTV have all been really nice to me and I legit didn’t hear any drama about people while I was there.”

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Alinity replied to Kala’s post, saying she is “new-ish here and I’m also super confused.”

Although xQc has yet to reply to these latest comments, it looks like this is a subject that is continuing to spark discussion regarding the Texas streaming scene — a conversation that follows ongoing drama between streamers Mizkif and Greekgodx.