Disguised Toast says "at least" 5 more Twitch streamers are moving to YouTube - Dexerto

Disguised Toast says “at least” 5 more Twitch streamers are moving to YouTube

Published: 2/May/2022 22:41

by Michael Gwilliam


YouTube’s rivalry with Twitch has escalated in the last year with many big-name streamers switching platforms. Now, with Sykkuno being the latest to jump ship, Disguised Toast says more are on the way.

In 2021, YouTube made big steps to compete with rival Twitch by convincing household names such as TimTheTatman, DrLupo and Ludwig to change platforms. This was, of course, after Dr Disrespect joined YouTube after his mysterious Twitch ban in 2020.

Aside from its growing streamers, YouTube also has the exclusive broadcast rights to CDL and OWL, enhancing its esports presence.

While there are still some things fans want to see ironed out, such as the clips system, YouTube continues to make strives and has recently signed another streamer, Sykkuno, to its lineup. As it turns out, however, there might be a lot more coming.


Disguised Toast teases more Twitch streamers joining YouTube

On a May 2 Twitch broadcast, Toast addressed Sykkuno joining YouTube and claimed that he knows for a fact that he won’t be the last to swap platforms.

“I know of at least five more people going over,” he revealed. “Which is a lot, honestly.”

While the streamer didn’t say who the five would be, he provided some insight into Sykkuno’s deal, explaining that he was having conversations with YouTube at the same time as he and Ludwig.

“The thing is, I actually did not know they were having conversations with Ludwig or Sykkuno,” he added, claiming that he was taken aback by Ludwig’s openness when he said he signed with YouTube.


That being said, it’s possible that whoever the five are, YouTube could have been in talks with them as far back as last year. We’ll just have to wait and see who ends up jumping ship next, but in the meantime, expect speculation to run rampant in the Twitch community.