Dillon Danis offers to spar Jake Paul’s upcoming opponent on Adin Ross’ stream

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dillon-danis-jake-paul-mma-challenge-adin-rossYouTube: Boxing Social, Misfits Boxing / Instagram: adinross

In his latest bid for an MMA fight with Jake Paul, Dillon Danis has offered to fight the ‘Problem Child’s’ upcoming opponent on Adin Ross’ Kick stream.

Mixed martial artist Dillon Danis famously took an L to longtime rival Logan Paul in their highly-anticipated boxing match on October 14.

Despite his trash-talk on Twitter, Danis attempted to pull off his grappling moves on the older Paul brother in the middle of their fight, ultimately losing the bout by DQ.

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Now, he’s got his eyes set on Jake Paul, with whom he’s been begging to have an MMA match for months now.

Danis has not been quiet about his desire to face off with Jake in the octagon. In October alone, the fighter called out the ‘Problem Child’ several times, challenging him to an MMA bout to “see how much of a man you really are.”

jake paul trains for boxing matchInstagram/jakepaul
Jake Paul is one of the most prolific influencer-boxers on the net.

Come December, Danis has made yet another offer to the YouTuber-turned-boxer — this time hoping to upend his upcoming match against pro boxer Andre August.

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Dillon Danis wants to fight Jake Paul’s boxing opponent on Adin Ross’ Kick channel

On December 7, Danis made a post on Twitter/X making a unique proposition for the influencer.

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Rather than Jake fighting August on December 15 as planned, Danis wants to spar the pro beforehand on internet star Adin Ross’ Kick stream and face off with Jake on the day his fight is officially scheduled.

“Hey @jakepaul, I’ve got a proposal for you,” Danis wrote. “I’ll spar with the bum you’re currently set to fight, live on @adinross’s stream. When I embarrass him, you’ll have to agree to fight me in MMA on the same date you’ve planned for your fight against him. What do you say, kiddo — deal?”

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Thus far, Jake hasn’t responded to Danis’ proposition, nor has Adin Ross. However, Danis isn’t the only one making noise about a possible match on the 15.

KSI is also facing off with IShowSpeed on that very same day in a sparring match for charity live streamed on Speed’s YouTube channel. While it’s not confirmed, many fans believe this to be a jab at Jake’s match against August — something that many fighters seem to want a piece of.

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