Dillon Danis and Logan Paul agree to rematch in MMA, but there’s a catch

logan-paul-offers-mma-rematch-dillon-danis-fightYouTube: DAZN Boxing

Dillon Danis and Logan Paul shook hands on an MMA rematch — but there’s a catch, and it all depends on what happens on fight night.

Dillon Danis and Logan Paul are two of the internet’s biggest rivals right now, and not without reason.

The mixed martial artist and YouTuber are set to touch gloves in the boxing ring on October 14 after years of beefing with each other online. However, their feud has heated up in a massive way over the past several weeks as Danis has been incessantly posting about Paul’s fiance, model Nina Agdal, online.

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Now, the stakes are higher than ever — and it looks like lucky fans might get a rematch if things go according to plan.

KSI vs Tommy Fury Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis The Prime Card posterMisfits Boxing
Logan Paul is slated to face off with Dillon Danis on October 14, while KSI will take on Tommy Fury on that same card.

Logan Paul offers MMA rematch if Dillon Danis shows up to October fight

The two fighters met up for a face-to-face hosted by DAZN, which is set to be released very soon.

In a teaser clip of the faceoff, Logan Paul made Danis an offer: “If you show up to this fight, October 14, I will rematch you in MMA.”

Danis reached forward and the two shook hands on it. It looks like we might be seeing Paul’s long-awaited foray into the Octagon if everything goes smoothly next month.

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However, that’s the rub. There’s been plenty of chatter from Paul and KSI that Danis might not actually show up come fight night — something that actually happened with his proposed fight against KSI earlier this year.

Initially, KSI was supposed to take on Danis for a boxing match on January 14. However, Danis pulled out of the bout unexpectedly at the last minute, leaving him to pick FaZe Temperrr as his opponent instead.

Now, it’s all on Danis to show up and show out on fight night come October 14. If he does, we’ll see these two face off yet again in a bombastic influencer MMA match… something Paul’s been training for for some time.

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