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Dillon Danis hints at possibility of fighting Jake Paul in a cryptic Tweet

Published: 12/Dec/2018 21:01 Updated: 12/Dec/2018 21:05

by Virginia Glaze


Mixed martial artist Dillon Danis may have hinted at the possibility of a legitimate bout with YouTuber Jake Paul, thanks to a cryptic Tweet he posted on December 10 – just one day after Paul had called him out in an interview with TMZ Sports.

Paul challenged Danis for the umpteenth time during an interview with TMZ Sports on December 9, where he likewise called out FaZe content creator Ricky Banks – after dunking on former boxing opponent Deji Olatunji in a scathing series of comments.

“I want to fight someone at an elevated level,” Paul explained after challenging the two personalities.

While Paul had also challenged Danis in a Tweet on November 4, as well as during his vlog officially calling out FaZe Banks on December 9, Danis appears to have finally gotten the message – and he may even deigned to grace Paul with an official response.


Danis published a Tweet on December 10 that could mark a reaction to Paul’s challenge, simply writing, “Be careful what you wish for.”

While Paul has yet to react to Dillon’s response, Dillon went on to upload a picture of himself and FaZe Banks on December 11. This post could further hint at the possibility of throwing down with the youngest Paul brother – possibly in Banks’ place, as Paul has only given the YouTuber three months to prepare for their potential bout.

Paul has called out a slew of personalities following his fight with Deji in August of 2018, even going so far as to challenge American singer-songwriter Chris Brown, who claimed that he wants no part in any YouTube drama.