Dillon Danis’ girlfriend Savannah Montano slams Jake Paul cheating rumors

Virginia Glaze
Savannah Montano denies Jake Paul cheating rumors
YouTube: Jake Paul / Savannah Montano

The beef between MMA star Dillon Danis and YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul is getting hotter than ever after the influencer FaceTimed Danis’ girlfriend, Savannah Montano, leading to a slew of speculation from fans.

Following his second-round knockout over former NBA pro Nate Robinson in November, it seems that Jake Paul has been on a mission to start beef with just about every big name in the fighting world.

Even calling out the likes of Conor McGregor for a $50 million fight offer, Paul took matters to the next level by pelting mixed martial artist Dillon Danis with water balloons in a drive-by stunt that quickly went viral online.

That wasn’t the end of his antics, by far; somehow, Paul managed to get the number of Danis’ girlfriend, Savannah Montano, and hit her up with an unexpected FaceTime call.

“Aye Dillon Danis, come get your girl back,” he wrote in a screencap of his call with the model.

However, Montano is vehemently denying any accusations and speculation of cheating on Danis with the YouTuber, as told in a pointed video she posted to her Instagram stories.

“I’m dead confused at some of you guys going, ‘Oh, but why did you answer his call?’” she began. “As if I have his f**king number saved in my phone! It was literally a random number. You can literally see in the video, I’m like, ‘Who is this?’”


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“I just wanna say that everybody that’s not Jake Paul’s 12-year-old fans can clearly see that he’s just a f**king loser, and I don’t know how he got my number, “ she continued. “That s**t’s embarrassing, and I don’t wanna be associated [with it]. It’s f**ked up that I’m being used as a pawn in this bulls**t.”

While Danis has yet to respond to Jake’s impromptu FaceTime call at the time of writing, he has updated his Instagram profile picture to a photo of himself and Tana Mongeau, showing that Jake isn’t the only one who can hit below the belt.