David Dobrik’s assistant Natalie allegedly called Vlog Squad victims “whores”

Jacob Hale
natalie mariduena on instagram

David Dobrik’s assistant Natalie Mariduena has come under fire after a former colleague accused her of calling the Vlog Squad and Durte Dom’s victims “whores.”

On September 24, Dominykas Zeglatias — better known as Durte Dom — posted a video to YouTube, “exposing the truth” alongside one of Dobrik’s former assistants, Casandra Ramos.

In the video, Dom recounts his memory of that night, in which he was accused of sexual assault. He adds that sometimes he had issues separating Durte Dom from Dominykas, admitting that he “f**ked up.”

Notably, Casandra had worked with Dobrik and the Vlog Squad at that time, and got tearful in the video when speaking about Dom and the text messages that had been exchanged between everyone involved.

david dobrik and assistant natalie mariduena
Natalie has been with Dobrik throughout his rise on YouTube.

Now, Casandra has answered a series of questions on her Instagram story relating to the issue and the Vlog Squad as a whole, and has shared unsavory screenshots of text messages allegedly sent by Natalie.

When responding to a question asking if Natalie is “fake in real life like she is on camera,” Casandra responded with a screenshot of a conversation that reportedly occurred between them.

“They’re admittedly whores but that’s the point,” says one message from Natalie. “No good girl agrees to hu with Dom, how else would he get that sh*t?”

alleged Natalie Mariduena texts
A series of texts allegedly sent from Natalie referred to girls who hook up with Dom as “whores.”

Natalie criticized over alleged messages

It’s unclear from the messages who exactly is being referred to as “whores,” but many critics assume the conversation is about the victims who accused Dom of sexual assault.

Some commenters said that the messages and behavior were “tacky.”


Others, such as Kt, said that the messages “really show her character.”

At this point in time, it has not been proven that these messages are from Mariduena herself, or that they are referencing the women who accused Dom of sexual assault.

Dexerto has reached out to Mariduena’s representation for comment. They are yet to respond.