Durte Dom hits back at sexual assault allegations alongside David Dobrik’s former assistant

YouTube: Durte Dom

Influencer Dominykas Zeglaitis, better known as Durte Dom, has uploaded a video responding to allegations of sexual assault against him that surfaced in March.

Content warning: This article contains subject matter that may disturb some readers. Discretion is advised.

In March 2021, David Dobrik was called out for a whole slew of purported issues that happened behind the scenes of his viral, short-form videos.

One such allegation included claims that former Vlog Squad member Durte Dom had sexually assaulted an intoxicated woman while Dobrik was filming one of his high-energy vlogs back in 2018.

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David Dobrik selfie Vlog SquadYouTube: David Dobrik
YouTube star David Dobrik is known for his viral, short-form videos, which chronicle the numerous hijinks he gets into with his friend group, ‘The Vlog Squad.’

It was also alleged that Zeglaitis, Dobrik, and crew purchased alcohol for underage drinkers, and that women present at the video filming were pressured to create content that “objectified [them].”

Nearly six months after these allegations came to light, Dom has returned to YouTube to dispute the claims, with an appearance by Dobrik’s former assistant, Cassandra.

In his eleven-minute video, Dom claimed that he “hasn’t done a good job of separating Durte Dom, the crazy party animal, guy that hooks up with a bunch of girls, and me, Dominykas.”

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Durte Dom and Dobrik assistantYouTube: DURTE DOM
Dominykas Zeglaitis uploaded a video on September 24 to discuss allegations of sexual assault that were levied against him in March.

He went on to describe the purported events of the night in question, claiming that he, Hannah, and one of her friends went into his room to “hook up” after everyone at the gathering had started drinking.

Dom claimed that, while events were transpiring between the three individuals, David, Nick, Todd, and Jeff would “peek inside the room,” stating that the guys “didn’t say that there was anything was wrong, and didn’t feel any type of way and didn’t bring anything up.”

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Zeglaitis then stated that Hannah had fallen asleep after their tryst was over, claiming that she’d had been “drinking more than the other girls” at the gathering.

He alleged that Hannah’s friend then helped her get dressed, and the crew left the party to go elsewhere.

Jason Nash and Trish Payatas (pictured), Todd Smith, and more appear in the now-deleted Vlog Squad upload.Screenshot via Jame Andy, YouTube
Jason Nash and Trish Paytas (pictured), Todd Smith, and more appeared in the now-deleted Vlog Squad upload from 2018.

Dom then shared several alleged text messages between himself and Hannah, which seemed to show an purportedly cordial relationship between the two.

Dom stated that, a few months later, Hannah texted him asking that Dobrik remove the video.

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At this point in the video, Zeglaitis brought in Dobrik’s former assistant, Cassandra, to speak on the claims regarding the text messages that purportedly transpired between them.

Cassandra notably broke into tears during her testimony, claiming that Dobrik was “this guy that would make his friends drink pee” and hardly “philanthropic” when she first met him in 2017.

She went on to allege that, initially, Dobrik “did not want to take the video down.” She then claimed to have contacted a lawyer, who reportedly advised the group to remove the video.

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durte dom text messages hannahYouTube: DURTE DOM
Dom shared alleged text messages between himself and Hannah that purportedly followed the night of filming the segment in the now-deleted 2018 vlog.

“One of the things I was constantly mentioning was, that Dom maybe ***** a girl and that they should contact a lawyer, and that they should have removed themselves [in relation to] Dom because of that situation,” she stated.

Cassandra stated that she’d agreed to appear in the video after interviewing Dom, claiming that “a lot of things have come to my attention,” and that she would be speaking out on the subject further at a later date.

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“I f**ked up,” Dom concluded his video.

“I thought that by us filming this video, it was just another fun, stupid vlog, and that everything would be fine, nobody was harmed. I was wrong. It impacted these girls, and it’s gonna follow them for their whole lives.”

“I know what we did that night wasn’t right. We shouldn’t have filmed that video. We shouldn’t have put you guys in that position.”

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Dom’s video has been heavily criticized by viewers on YouTube. Both Hannah and David Dobrik have yet to comment on the situation at the time of writing.

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