David Dobrik sets bizarre Guinness World Record with the strangest gift

. 8 months ago
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YouTube sensation David Dobrik now has his very own Guinness World Record in the books after setting the biggest pillow in history with the help of a few friends.

It’s been a while since Dobirk has smashed any records on the internet following his return to YouTube earlier this year. Rather than raising the bar on social media this time around, Dobrik and his team instead raised the bar in the real world.

Although Dobrik wasn’t necessarily hands-on in the process, his latest secondary channel vlog showed how he was quite literally the face behind a new Guinness-certified record.

The internet celeb teamed up with That Pillow Guy to establish a new record; Dobrik now owns the biggest body pillow in recorded history.

David Dobrik pillow
YouTube: DavidDobrikToo
David Dobrik now officially has the world’s largest body pillow.

“Today I am breaking the Guinness World Record for the world’s biggest pillow,” Dobrik told his viewers on October 25. “This is my first time getting a Guinness World Record.”

Heading to a facility in Chicago, Dobrik met with an official Guinness World Record adjudicator Mike Marcotte. Before Dobrik even set his eyes on the record-breaking pillow, the judge teased “it’s pretty big” while laughing.

“I haven’t seen the pillow yet but my tennis coach was just having a tennis lesson,” Dobrik told his crew. “He said that it was peeking over a building.”

Walking outside to see his very own record in person, even Dobrik was left stunned by the outrageous size of his body pillow. Coming in at a reported 60ft tall, 17ft long, and 5ft wide, it now holds the official Guinness World Record.

So Dobrik now has the record for the biggest body pillow in history. However, it doesn’t come anywhere close to the record for the biggest pillow overall.

A record set in 2014 still holds strong to this day: the Sinomax Group in China created a pillow that measured at 61ft long and 84 ft 4in wide.

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