David Dobrik reveals surprising pick for his favorite YouTuber

Virginia Glaze

David Dobrik is one of the biggest YouTubers ever — but who does the site’s top vlogger like to watch the most? The influencer had a surprising answer.

David Dobrik made his big comeback to YouTube in June, following a months-long hiatus amidst ongoing criticism and allegations against him for placing former Vlog Squad members in uncomfortable and even dangerous situations for content.

Before these accusations, though, Dobrik was one of YouTube’s most popular influencers, and currently boasts over 18 million subscribers. He’s best known for his chaotic, high-energy vlogs, where he captures himself and his friend group getting into all manner of shenanigans… including racing a giant toilet against a $3 million luxury car.

Dobrik has also notably given his viewers a slew of money and luxury goods — something similar to internet philanthropist MrBeast.

David Dobrik back on YouTube
David Dobrik is one of YouTube’s most popular vloggers, who also has a penchant for giving away Teslas to his fans.

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has become a huge presence on YouTube in large part due to his charitable content, and has even founded his own charity with the aim of helping people in need within his local communities — a project that is funded entirely by viewership from his charity’s YouTube channel.

When it comes to content, these two YouTubers are as bombastic as it gets… so, when asked about his favorite YouTuber by paparazzi from the Hollywood Fix, it came as a surprise that Dobrik didn’t answer with his own channel.

MrBeast stands buy an empty shelf
MrBeast is a massively popular YouTuber, who has founded his own charity and even kicked off his own chain of fast food restaurants.

Who is Dobrik’s favorite YouTuber?

Instead, Dobrik claimed that his favorite content creator is MrBeast. His own little brother also claimed that MrBeast is his favorite influencer on the platform after meeting up with him in a recent collab with the Vlog Squad leader (during which he also gifted Dobrik Junior with $10,000).

“If you’re gonna have a favorite YouTuber, like, I’m stoked that it’s MrBeast,” he said of his bro’s decision. “Especially after getting to talk with him longer than an hour, he’s a dope dude, and he treated my brother so nicely.”

“My favorite YouTuber? I don’t want to just side with my brother on this one, but I love MrBeast now, too,” he continued. “I always loved him, but after meeting him and seeing how he works, I’ve got a much greater appreciation for him.”

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It looks like there’s a lot of love between these two internet superstars… but it’d be hard to say MrBeast isn’t your favorite content creator when he gifts your little bro a ton of cash.