David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad stopped by police after racing $3m car with a toilet

David Dobrik vlog squad pulled over toiletYouTube: Jason Nash, David Dobrik

David Dobrik and his Vlog Squad are known for getting into the occasional ridiculous hijink or two… but the group found themselves having a run-in with the law after racing a luxury car against a giant toilet.

Yep, you read that right.

After undergoing intense scrutiny from former Vlog Squad members and fellow influencers over past pranks, David Dobrik and his troupe of pals have finally returned to the internet.

Already, the group have gone back to their classic shenanigans, with Dobrik inflating an airplane’s emergency exit slide in his backyard, pranking his friends in the middle of the night with a fake gorilla and, of course, driving a dirt bike into a pool. Because why not?

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Now, it seems that the Vlog Squad is taking to the road, with the latest vlog from Jason Nash showing the crew surveying some luxury vehicles owned by The Hamilton Collection.

Of course, it’s not a true Vlog Squad video if something outrageous doesn’t happen… and that’s exactly what went down when the gang took their pricey automobiles out for a test drive.

How did the Vlog Squad get a hold of a giant toilet?

In the beginning of Jason’s vlog, the crew also got acquainted with insanely huge toilet from influencer Weird Ryan, which they’d fastened onto a go-cart that could go up to speeds of 25 MPH.

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The Hamilton Collection carsYouTube: Jason Nash
David Dobrik and co. got to take some seriously pricey luxury vehicles out for a spin.

It seems that Nash and company wanted to film the oversized commode beside the $3 million car they were driving — which, unsurprisingly, caught the eye of law enforcement, who pulled them over.

A clip from the incident in Jason’s vlog shows the YouTuber struggling to explain the situation to the officer, who was, admittedly, pretty cool about the situation.

vlog squad in a toiletYouTube: Jason Nash
The Vlog Squad took Weird Ryan’s giant toilet out for a joyride.

“It’s basically a toilet that they put on a go-cart,” Nash said, sparking some laughter from the cops. “I know it sounds crazy. We’re just gonna film the Bugatti next to the toilet car.”

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Apparently, the officers pulled over the crew due to some license plate covers, if the short clip of their conversation is anything to go by.

(Topic begins at 4:20)

The Vlog Squad took their antics to a separate parking lot to race the go-cart against the car — and it’s no surprise that the massive Bidet ended up losing, in the end.

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