MrBeast launches new channel that donates 100% of YouTube revenue to charity

Theo Salaun
mrbeast beast philanthropy

MrBeast is known for putting a lot of money and generosity into his content, but a brand-new YouTube channel, Beast Philanthropy, takes that to the next level — donating 100 percent of video revenue to charity.

Although there was some drama surrounding MrBeast getting taxpayer money in a small-business PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) loan back in September, the YouTuber is generally considered to be a generous guy. 

The popular content creator has earned over 55 million subscribers on YouTube, with his most popular videos getting millions upon millions of views. While many of those videos involve extravagant spending ($70,000 golden pizza, anyone?), a lot simply involve generously giving money away.

From giving random people his credit card to, most recently, paying out $120,000 to two people for keeping their finger on their phone (in his Finger on the App challenge), MrBeast has given away a lot of cash. Now, he’s upping the ante and launching a YouTube channel that will donate 100 percent of its revenue to charity.

Discussing the launch of the channel’s first video on Twitter, MrBeast explained that “100 percent of the revenue on this channel goes straight into our food pantry and I can’t wait to see how big we can grow the charity.”

In the video itself, he dives into some of his charitable actions in the past, including, but not limited to, donating $1 million in food to people, giving a homeless person a house and planting 20 million trees.

Then he explains the simple premise behind this Beast Philanthropy channel: “In general, I enjoy doing good things — which is why I started my very own charity and 100 percent of the revenue from this channel will go towards funding it.” That also includes revenue gained from the channel’s brand partnerships and merchandise.

MrBeast then shows what this is all about, revealing a food pantry that already stores over 50,000 pounds of food and allows him to donate food to “communities in need” on a weekly basis. Revealing how big the food pantry actually is, Beast Philanthropy’s head of operations explained that it can feed millions of people per year.

The video dives into food scarcity for communities, how the charity was formed and how much it costs to run a charity. The overriding premise is simple, just by viewing the channel’s videos, people can drive up YouTube revenue for free and thereby contribute.

“Every view on this channel is literally putting food in people’s mouths.”

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