David Dobrik mukbangs fried chicken in new $200k Aston Martin supercar

David Dobrik reveals new carTikTok: DavidDobrik / YouTube: Ugh its Joe

David Dobrik may be best-known for his Vlogs and insane generosity, but he also has an incredible taste in cars. His latest garage addition might be his most suave yet, and was revealed in a video with fellow YouTuber Ugh its Joe.

Finding a car to replace his Ferrari was never going to be easy, and despite saying he was “over his supercar phase” David seems to have found the perfect replacement. Going for a blend of power and exclusivity, David’s latest car purchase has been revealed as the 2020 Aston Martin DB11.

Choosing to unveil his new car in a typically unconventional way, David featured in a ‘mukbang’ video with fellow creator ‘Ugh its Joe‘ eating fried chicken in his brand new Aston Martin.

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David Dobrik Aston Martin DBSYouTube: Ugh its Joe
Starting at $200k, the 2020 Aston Martin DB11 is a GT-Sports car.

“This is a really bad way to break in a new car”

Straight from the word go, he regrets his decision to eat greasy fried food on the leather seats of his DB11. Starting from the $200k mark, David will have likely personalized his car, meaning the price will be way beyond that.

“This is a really bad way to break in a new car… you can pour your ketchup all over this b**ch” joked David before the started eating.

Joe is no stranger to David’s incredible taste in cars. Dobrik once gifted him a Corvette, but unfortunately, David had to take the video down as one of the cast were “hammered out of their mind.” Thankfully, an alternate version of the video is still available on Joe’s channel.

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David is clearly in a good mood from showing off his new car and eating fantastic fried chicken, as he compliments Joe’s videos.

“I think they’re going to be upset”

“There are creators in the world that can’t put out bad content… and you’re not one of them!” he jokes, before confirming that Joe stays “true to what he creates” and “never disappoints fans.”

Not only does that content include Joe’s ‘mukbang’ video, but Dobrik also filmed reactions to his new car on his TikTok channel. Revealing that Ilya and Natalie told him “not to get it” their reactions were pretty much as expected after David said “I think they’re going to be upset”.

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Natalie simply said: “I f***ing knew it… why, why did you do that!” Ilya was much more excited, asking if he can “take it for a quick spin” after the reveal.