David Dobrik explains why he acts differently in real life compared to his vlogs

David Dobrik smilingInstagram: David Dobrik

YouTuber David Dobrik claims fans always mention that he acts differently in real life compared to how he does in videos, and he explained why, referring to a disconnect between reality and their expectations.

David Dobrik is back in business since returning to YouTube after claims he forced Vlog Squad members into making “traumatizing” content, followed by sexual assault allegations, and eventually, losing sponsors and being demonetized forced him to take a hiatus.

Despite all the controversy and drama, his fans are happy to see him back. But when they approach him in the streets, he revealed that it’s not uncommon for them to say he acts differently than how they expected, and he explained why.

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David Dobrik Jimmy FallonInstagram, David Dobrik
Dobrik is considered one of YouTube’s biggest stars despite recent controversies.

“When people meet me in person, they’re like ‘you’re not laughing all the time,’” he said.

“I don’t laugh all the time. I don’t think people realize that I film for six hours, and the moment I choose to put in the vlog is the moment I’m also laughing at because it’s the moment I find the funniest.”

Dobrik elaborated on his point further, saying, “I don’t find every situation funny. You just see every situation that I find the funniest. Technically, I’m always laughing. But I’m really not, because a lot of times I’m coming up with engineering plans.”

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By engineering plans, he’s referring to props like the “money guns” he used in a recent video.

He hired an engineer to put them together and used them to propel $10,000 cash into the air so that his guests could try and grab as much as they can.

Ironically, Dobrik started laughing right after he finished explaining why he appears to laugh more on camera than he does in person.

However, it’s something that rings true for other influencers and internet personalities, too. How they are in person and how they appear to be on camera isn’t always the same.

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