DarksydePhil banned on Twitch for fourth time over “false DMCA takedown”

Virginia Glaze
DarksydePhil speaks to the camera.

[jwplayer Y7PB7YwV] UPDATE 10/05/2020 4:00 PM PST – ‘DarksydePhil’ has now been unbanned from Twitch, four hours after his initial suspension took place. Phil has claimed that the ban was due to an error on Twitch’s part, stating he received a false copyright claim due to playing the ‘Crash 4’ beta. Twitch has processed his counter-claim, unbanning his channel in the process.

Original story begins below:

Well-known Twitch streamer ‘DarksydePhil’ is hitting back at the website after being banned for the fourth time over what he’s claiming is a “false DMCA takedown” over copyright issues.

Fans of DarksydePhil got a bit of a shock after learning that his Twitch channel had been banned from the platform on October 5.

After becoming aware of the issue, Phil took to Twitter to explain the situation, claiming that he’d received a DMCA takedown due to playing the Crash 4 beta — a game he argues he wasn’t even playing on stream, as the beta took place several weeks ago.

“I have just received a false DMCA takedown against my Crash 4 stream for ‘the Crash 4 beta,’” he clarified. “Not even the same [game] I’m playing on the stream! The automated bulls**t of @twitch @twitchsupport continues.”

Stating that he must now issue a “counter-notification” to fight the potentially unjust ban, the streamer announced that he will be continuing his playthrough of the game on YouTube, instead (the full version of which is now available for play).

While Phil’s fans have shown sympathy to what seems to be an error on Twitch’s end, some critics are finding delight in his ban, as this is far from the first time he’s been given the boot — nor the first time he’s incited ire from his haters.

In fact, DarksydePhil has received a whopping four bans from Twitch, this latest one included, racking up quite a track record for the popular broadcaster.

Phil has also caught flak in the past for his comments on making racially-insensitive jokes, claiming that, “It’s funny to joke around and say things that, in a serious setting, might be racially insensitive, but they’re not really meant, and therefore, they can be pretty comedic.”

Phil was allegedly not given a reason for his second-most recent ban from Twitch, which occurred in July of this year, although critics have hypothesized that his comments on racially-charged jokes may have been to blame.

That being said, it does seem like his latest ban could be an error on Twitch’s part, leaving both Phil and his fanbase awaiting answers as he continues his playthrough on another platform.

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