Ninja freaks out at 100 Thieves’ The Mob during intense Among Us match

Bill Cooney
Ninja Among Us

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins might be one of the most well-known streamers on the planet, but a recent Among Us match with 100 Thieves’ The Mob proved he’s still subject to the game’s tilt-inducing mechanics just like the rest of us.

Innersloth’s rediscovered hit of a party game has dominated Twitch and other streaming sites for weeks, with almost every streamer taking a break from their usual routine to try and survive as either crewmate or imposter.

This of course includes Ninja, who’s shown that Among Us is apparently able to get under his skin even easier than Fortnite, no easy feat, but one that’s definitely been entertaining to watch.

During an after dark broadcast with members of 100 Thieves’ The Mob and a few other streamers on October 4, cracks started to appear in Blevins’s usually cool facade after his companions really started to try and push his buttons.

Jabs over his precious Detroit Lions’ loss to the New Orleans Saints on Sunday were just the tip of the iceberg though, as members of The Mob from 100 Thieves actively began to play politics against the Fortnite legend.

In Among Us this is far from a new strategy, alliances and teamwork can be a big part of making sure your team survives or ensuring that no one makes it out alive in the Imposter’s case. After failing to convince The Mob’s ‘Mako’ to vote against his 100T comrade ‘Avalanche’, Ninja seemed like he was ready to take his ball and go home.

“Mako, vote Avalanche. Vote Avalanche. Bro, I have proof on Avalanche we had the intel we needed,” the streamer implored, before Mako simply chose not to vote and time ran out. “F***ing dumb, you’re so dumb! This is why I don’t wanna play with you guys! Mako!”

After insisting that he “really wasn’t that upset” with “99% of it being for content,” he threw off his headset and took a short breather while Imposters Avalanche and Marcel won the round. It probably helped that everyone was too busy laughing to do anything else.

Among Us has definitely produced some great freakouts and meltdowns on stream ever since it became widely popular, but Ninja’s have easily been some of his most entertaining moments since returning from Mixer.

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