WoW Classic streamer reveals “biohazard” home after rank 14 grind

Virginia Glaze

If you’ve ever seen the TLC show ‘Hoarders,’ then you might be prepared for the mess one World of Warcraft Classic streamer showed to his viewers on October 5, which accrued due to a cocktail of constantly grinding the game and struggles with his mental health.

World of Warcraft is a famous MMO for many reasons, not the least of which is sparking new friendships in the fantasy online world between players who may have never met in real life, otherwise.

However, the title is equally as famous for the die-hard players it creates, with many a tale being told about users who become addicted to leveling up their character and hours upon hours of dungeons, raiding, and PvP.

Twitch streamer ‘rukk1’ is one such player, whose own grind to reach the fabled rank 14 created what he called a “biohazard” in his own home, as shown to his audience during an October 5 broadcast.

World of Warcraft artwork showing to characters doing battle in a forest.
WoW Classic boasts one of the most “hardcore” achievemnts in all of gaming, tasking players who hope to reach rank 14 with near-endless hours of grinding.

Reaching rank 14 in WoW Classic is no small feat; players must constantly grind Battlegrounds for hours a day to reach the coveted title of either Grand Marshal for Alliance or High Warlord for Horde by killing characters from the opposite faction.

Every moment you’re not playing is a step backward, which explains the Hoarders-style mess of rukk’s home, which he revealed to his audience with a grand tour of his disgusting kitchen.

The room contained a massive stack of used pizza boxes in one corner, with every inch of counter space being taken up by some sort of debris or another. One section of the countertop was stained with coffee grinds and tea, while the floor was littered with even more trash.

“This is what rank 14 and depression does to you, dude,” he joked as he panned the camera around the space. “I think Asmongold would be disgusted.”

While it’s true that fellow streamer Asmongold is also known for his less-than-stellar WoW-inspired standards of cleanliness, rukk’s living situation borders on the extreme, showing off yet another stack of pizza boxes taking residence in the hallway outside his kitchen — standing nearly as tall as a person.

With bottles of old milk strewn across the floor and a mountain of 2-liter Coke bottles taking up space by his desk, it seems that rukk had enough of the mess, as he quickly got to work cleaning up the place.

The broadcaster revealed that he has lived in the home for six or seven years, and while he has cleaned the home while living in it, had failed to do so “this year.”

Luckily, he has been met with ample support from his fans, who sent him words of encouragement in regards to his struggle with depression during his soul-baring broadcast.

This is far from the first time a WoW streamer has revealed such a mess on camera, either; in 2019, WoW player ‘Jaegerrrmeister’ showcased a similar scenario, admitting that he hadn’t cleaned his room since 2005 due to a similar mix of game-grinding and struggles with his mental health.

In both instances, each streamer was shown an incredible amount of encouragement from their viewers to make their living quarters as clean and organized as their in-game bag space, shining a bright spot of hope and positivity onto an otherwise difficult situation.