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Danielle Cohn slams Zoe Laverne over underage fan controversy

Published: 6/Nov/2020 16:01

by Alice Hearing


TikToker Danielle Cohn has slammed Zoe Laverne in a YouTube vlog after the 19-year-old was allegedly caught kissing an underage fan.

Last week, a video surfaced online showing 19-year-old Zoe and a 13-year-old called Connor exchanging a kiss, confirming previous accusations from ex-boyfriend Cody Orlove and Amber VanPelt.

In the days before, leaked Instagram messages showed that Cody and Amber raised concerns over “very intense” interactions with Connor. Zoe had previously denied allegations of a relationship with an underage influencer.

On October 28, Zoe addressed the situation admitting the pair had caught feelings for each other, apologizing and reassuring concerned fans that they had split.


TikTok star Zoe Laverne
Instagram: Zoe Laverne
Zoe Laverne came under fire for kissing an underage fan

However, despite addressing the situation the criticism and attention from other influencers have not ceased, and fellow TikToker Danielle Cohn let her views be known on Thursday, November 5. She hit out at Zoe in a vlog with influencer Desiree Montoya.

“She can say like oh my mental health, your mental health does not make you dumb like it doesn’t make you forget how old you are how old this kid is and like you should know better especially at 19…it’s just like that is seven years apart it’s just shocking”

(Topic starts at 3:54)

Danielle herself has come under fire previously for having a large age gap in her own relationship, especially after her actual age was called into question. Danielle says she is 16, but some critics, including her own father, claim she is 14.


She did refer to her own situation, however, and said, me and my boyfriend do have an age gap but at the end of the day our age gap isn’t like a six almost seven-year age gap…I think it’s like three years, three and a half years if I was 14, but like I said I’m not that age we all know I tell you guys all the time how old I am but you guys don’t believe me.”

Zoe Laverne was recently in an online spat with Queen of TikTok Charli D’Amelio after a recording was leaked of her throwing insults about the star.