Daequan finally reveals when he’s returning to Twitch: “It’s gonna go crazy”

Isaac McIntyre
Daequan is returning to Twitch streaming in September.

Daequan ‘Daequan’ Loco has finally locked in a date for his Twitch comeback stream, more than 540 days since the then-TSM, now-NRG content creator totally vanished ⁠— along with Hamlinz ⁠— in early 2020.

Daequan was once one of Twitch’s biggest stars, but the then-TSM streamer all-but vanished from the public eye after a Christmas broadcast in 2019.

In mid-January, 2020, the Californian personality told fans he was taking a break to focus on his health. At the time, he promised the hiatus would be “short,” and set an expected return date. The rest of the year rolled by, however, and Daequan failed to make his promised Twitch return.

Around the same time, the star went dark across social media.

Then, on August 26, the missing star ⁠— alongside regular partner in crime Darryle ‘Hamlinz’ Hamlin ⁠— shocked the internet with new news; the 27-year-old had left TSM and inked a rich new deal with NRG Esports.

Daequan’s return sparked rumors he would also be back streaming on Twitch soon and, sure enough, the NRG star has now locked in an official comeback date.

Daequan in TSM shirt
NRG’s new streaming star is set to end a 542-day hiatus from the platform this week.

On September 3, just days after revealing he had torn his ACL doing a Ninja Warrior challenge video, Daequan confirmed he would be streaming on Twitch soon. Very soon, in fact: the NRG star is going live this Saturday evening.

He revealed: “Saturday… my stream gonna go crazy. Be there.”

For those that need a reminder, Daequan streams on Twitch at /tsm_daequan, though that may well change before his comeback broadcast at 4 pm.

Before his NRG-fuelled return last week, Daequen had only really broken his internet abstinence twice. On November 26 he shared an image of himself and his cat on Twitter, alongside the message, “Feeling better than I have in years. Always thankful.”

He then returned again on November 26 to share “feeling like myself again.”

Daequan’s Twitch return this Saturday is expected to be a massive event.

When he was regularly streaming Fortnite and Warzone back in late 2019, the Californian star would regularly hit around 10-20k concurrent viewers at any one time. At his high-water-mark in mid-2018, the 27-year-old was raking in more than 270k hours watched every stream.

The long-absent streaming star still boasts a wink over 3.7m followers on the platform, many of whom have been waiting for streaming news since 2019.

His subscriber count has, of course, dropped to zero since 2020.

TSM Members Hamlinz, Myth and Daequan.
Daequan and Hamlinz were originally part of the iconic TSM trio with Myth before their disappearance.

Amid their return, the NRG duo declared they were “taking over!”

“What’s up everybody, we are back baby!” Hamlinz and Daequan said on August 26. “So we made it happen, worked with NRG, and made this whole thing come true. We got so many things planned. We got podcasts, all kinds of content. Things you’ve never seen before, for sure. And this content ain’t gonna stop! It’s just gonna keep going, and going, and going.”

Daequan and Hamlinz are now living in a $7m content house, “The Thoom House,” with other NRG creators like Bow, Meteor, Philly, and more.