When are Daequan and Hamlinz returning to Twitch and YouTube?

TSM Hamlinz / Daequan

Fans of TSM Daequan and TSM Hamlinz have been left wondering where the creators have gone yet again, following weeks of social media silence and no streams, and not for the first time. 

Hamlinz and Daequan became massive names on Twitch largely as a result of their impressive Fortnite skills and entertaining personalities. The pair were originally both competitors, but moved away from esports and more into the world of content creation.

The pair’s sense of humor and natural charisma in front of camera saw them shoot to the top of Twitch. SocialBlade currently has Daequan’s channel currently sitting at over 3.7 million followers, while Hamlinz boasts 2.1 million.

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Hamlinz (L) and Daequan (R) made up two-thirds of the original TSM Fortnite team.

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Where are TSM Daequan and Hamlinz?

Despite these massive channels, both men have been somewhat missing in action since mid March, on both Twitch and YouTube. The last tweet from Hamlinz’ account was on March 18, while Daequan’s Twitter hasn’t been active since March 19.

Similarly, Daequan has not streamed in nearly a month, since he first hopped on some Call of Duty: Warzone. Hamlinz’ last stream came on March 17.

Daequan has, in the past, taken significant streaming breaks in the past as a result of ill health. He has also stepped away in order to support his girlfriend, who has struggled with health issues of her own.

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However, it now looks like the ongoing global health crisis has worsened his situation. In a March tweet, he explained that his girlfriend was struggling to get back into the USA because of travel bans and other restrictions. He described her as “like my personal manager”.

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It’s not necessarily clear whether this situation was resolved or not, but travel restrictions have only tightened since the tweet was posted.

Hamlinz, like Daequan, has also taken multiple breaks due to ill health and personal issues. He has spoken out in the past about cyst-related health issues, as well as taking time off to process the passing of family members. However, Hamlinz has not given any hints as to the reason for his ongoing absence.

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YouTube: Daequan / TSMYouTube: Daequan / TSM
Neither of the streaming pair have explained their most recent absences.

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When will Hamlinz and Daequan return?

At the moment, there has been no hints from either man, or their organization TSM, about a possible return. Also, if both men are reducing their use of social media it becomes less and less likely that we’ll get an official return date anytime soon.

In the past, their breaks have lasted anywhere from a couple of weeks to over six months, so we can only hope this is a shorter break this time.

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The struggle of daily content creation can often become difficult to keep up with, as well as the mental strain of having thousands of viewers expecting regular streams. We wish both of them the best and hope to see a return to gaming and streaming soon.

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