Who’s in Daequan and Hamlinz’ NRG Thoom House?

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After time away from content creation, former TSM creators Daequan and Hamlinz are back with a new team and a matching multi-million dollar content house filled with their closest friends. 

Despite their ‘blow up’ during the Fortnite boom, Daequan and Hamlinz found themselves taking long breaks from content creation due to various health issues, among other things.

After their latest break from content, residents of Las Vegas started reporting posters were being placed around the city labeled “Find The Streamers” with Daequan and Hamlinz’ pictures on them. This lead to a billboard with a similar style, a new YouTube channel with the same name, and a live stream of the billboard appearing shortly afterward.

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Just days after the billboard live stream started, the pair ended the stream with the announcement that they are coming back to content creation and have signed a deal with NRG, as well as moved into a content house they call the “NRG Thoom House” with a group of their closest friends.

YouTube, NRG Thoom House
Daequan and Hamlinz recently signed with NRG and created the “NRG Thoom House” with seven of their closest friends.

Who all lives in the NRG Thoom House?

Making the choice to invite a group of their closest friends instead of other large content creators is unlike most other content houses, and it gives the pair the ability to help grow their friends’ careers.

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Knowing that the duo’s friends are unknown to many, they have begun uploading videos introducing the members of the NRG Thoom House.

NRG Meteors:

Meteors made his way into the Thoom House because of his friendship with Daequan who he met through the game Black Desert Online.

Described as a good vibe, genuine and funny by his roommates, Meteors believes he brings balance to the house by bringing down some of the ‘ego’ in the house.

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The 27-year-old variety streamer promises to provide good vibes and laughs on his Twitch channel.

NRG Ginos

Just like Meteors, Ginos found his way into the Thoom House by playing a game with Daequan online.

Described as a funny, sarcastic boomer, Ginos brings a positive, competitive mindset and good conversations to the house.

The recent college graduate promises to provide high energy and ‘goofy’ content to his Twitch channel.


Sin is the third person in the Thoom House to have a long-lasting relationship with Daequan through a video game.

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Described by house-mates to be loud, hyper, and the life of the party, Sin brings a positive vibe to the house which keeps everyone in a great mood.

The former retail overnight worker promises to match this energy over on his Twitch channel.

NRG Exie

Exie is yet another Thoom House member that found their way into the group via Daequan, except this time on Guild Wars 2.

Described as funny, competitive, and reliable, she brings a different perspective to the group by being the only female in the house, at least so far.

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She promises to bring goofy IRL content to her Twitch channel.


Bow is yet another creator in the house that found the group via Daequan and Yanni, starting off playing Black Desert Online.

Described as “fluffy and confident” with a “cool vibe,” Bow brings ‘swag’ and positivity to the NRG Thoom House.

The former competitive Counter-Strike player promises to bring trash talk and high-quality gameplay to his Twitch channel.

NRG Philly

The last person to enter the friend group, Philly came across NRG Yanni on Fortnite and met everyone else from there.

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Described as funny, strong, and “fit,” he brings a sense of security and good energy to the Thoom House.

The Canadian content creator promises to entertain you on his Twitch channel.

NRG Yanni

Brought into the house by Daequan and Hamlinz, Yanni first showed off his talents with Ham on Fornite.

Described as a “jack of all trades,” Yanni brings his insane cooking skills into the Thoom House.

Yanni promises to bring honesty and a high-quality variety of gameplay to his Twitch channel.

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Daequan and Hamlinz created the NRG Thoom House with seven of their friends, and will be uploading the introduction videos on their alternate YouTube channel ‘More NRG Thoom House.’

We’ll update this article as more videos are uploaded, and soon we will all know exactly who creates content in the house.