Dad wants coed tag team boxing match with Belle Delphine & Amouranth

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Dad wants tag team coed boxing match with Belle Delphine and Amouranth

Creator Clash 2 is coming up fast — but some of its participating fighters are already looking toward next year, with Dad aiming for a coed tag team boxing match between Belle Delphine and Amouranth.

Creator Clash is on the horizon, set to take place on Saturday, April 15. This marks the event’s second iteration, with last year’s boxing matches raising over $1 million for charities like the American Heart Association and more.

This year, quite a few participants from 2022’s event are coming back for Creator Clash’s return, including Nathan ‘Dad’ Barnatt.

Last year, Dad earned a convincing victory over SuperMega’s Matt Watson, winning the bout by ref stoppage in the very first round.

This year, he’s taking on AB Ayad ‘Starkilla,’ hoping for a greater challenge… but he’s also looking forward to next year’s Creator Clash, saying in a pre-fight press conference that he wants a coed tag team match with some big female internet stars.

More specifically, Dad expressed a hope to fight alongside Belle Delphine, who famously sold her own bathwater back in 2019. According to Dad and other fighters, she’s been sending many of the Creator Clash participants words of encouragement over social media.

That’s not all; he also made mention of Amouranth, one of Twitch’s most-watched female broadcasters. In fact, Amouranth will actually be at Creator Clash hosting pre-fight interviews alongside fellow streamer Esfand — and she’s even taking part in a boxing match this July against Spanish streamer Mayichi.

Dad wants tag team boxing match with Belle Delphine vs Amouranth

“She wants to box,” Dad said, speaking of Belle Delphine. “I’m gonna put this out there. She wanted to box, she didn’t want to box, she doesn’t know what she wants to do. She is around people who do MMA, I will say, in her personal life, so I think she could have some good influence.”

“I’m gonna put it out there — I would love to do a tag team event with Belle. Coed tag team. Her against… Amouranth? Somebody? And me versus… I don’t know. Some old man.”

Dad wasn’t left hanging for long, as Esfand jokingly volunteered himself for the match.

Belle Delphine responds to Dad’s tag team boxing match idea

Just a short while later, Belle reacted to Dad’s idea on social media.

She posted a clip from the press conference to Twitter, writing: “When you’re watching something live and your name gets dropped it is THE most intense feeling lmao,” she wrote. “Anyway, good luck everyone!”

belle delphine tweet

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