Belle Delphine now selling $10,000 giant tub of her bath water

Virginia Glaze

Controversial Instagram star Belle Delphine made waves across the internet after selling jars of her own bathwater – but now, the “ahegao” internet celeb is taking her bathtub business ventures to the next level.

While Delphine unveiled her “Gamer Girl Bath Water” jars on July 1, that wasn’t the end of her watery wares, by far: now, the starlet is setting her sights on bigger and better things, after listing an entire tub of her bath water online for a $10,000 price point.

Buyers will get more than just a plastic tub of water, though – for that price, they’ll also receive a special video of Delphine bathing in the container, as well as full access to all tiers of her Patreon account.


Although the deal seems ludicrous, Delphine clarified that her post is no joke, and will even be the last time she sells her bath water – for good.

“So… I am selling my bath water ONE LAST TIME… except this time, it’s enough to drown in,” she wrote in a Tweet on July 10. “If you’re EXTRA thirsty, then look no further – you also get a custom video of me bathing in the tub that I send to you! …and no, this isn’t a joke.”

Of course, commenters across the web made a mockery of Delphine’s listing, with even the likes of YouTuber Ethan Klein asking her to pass gas in the container, to boot.

“If I give you $10,000, will you fart in it?” he asked.

Delphine’s bath water business saw a slew of hilarious reactions throughout the internet, with one Twitch streamer even drinking the stuff during a live broadcast – despite Delphine’s warning that it was only to be used for “sentimental” purposes.

Critics have even accused Delphine of spreading herpes through her water, digging up old photos of the starlet with damaged lips – a claim that Delphine vehemently denied in a following Instagram post on the subject.


Considering the success of her “Gamer Girl Bath Water,” which sold out in just a few days, there’s no telling how Delphine’s $10,000 tub trip will fare.

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