Myth challenges Adin Ross & Sneako to boxing match following Creator Clash 2 win

adin ross, myth, sneako from left to rightYouTube: Adin Live, Sneako/Instagram: Mythig

YouTube star Myth has challenged Adin Ross & Sneako to a boxing match following his recent Creator Clash 2 win, and he wants to fight them at the same time.

Following years of live-streaming popularity, Myth made his debut in the boxing ring in Ludwig’s Chessboxing event back in December 2022 where he beat Cherdleys via time advantage.

He followed up the Chessboxing event with a match during Creator Clash 2, where he brought home his second win — this time against Hundar.

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Now it appears that he’s looking to schedule his third boxing match, challenging Adin Ross and Sneako to a 2v1 bout.

Myth wants to fight Adin Ross & Sneako at same time

Myth posted the challenge to his Twitter page on April 18, 2023 — just days after he went home with a victory during Creator Clash 2.

“I’ll do a boxing match where I fight Sneako and Adin Ross at the same time,” he said, before following up with a reply to iDubbbz’s wife Anisa.

“Okay, I’ll only use my jab as well.”

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Adin has shown interest in boxing several times in the past, most recently revealing that he’s set to box against another streamer sometime in 2024.

Unfortunately, he didn’t go into detail past that comment, so it’s unknown who Adin wants to get into the ring with for his first match.

Neither Adin or Sneako have responded to his call-out at the time of writing, but we’ll be sure to update you if they do.

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