Alex Wassabi reveals biggest concern about fighting iDubbbz

Virginia Glaze

YouTube star Alex Wassabi is gearing up for his second-ever boxing match against iDubbbz as Creator Clash 2 approaches — but he’s got one big concern about his opponent.

Creator Clash 2 is on the horizon, marking the second iteration of the charity-based influencer-boxing event that won fans’ hearts and raised over $1.3 million in 2022.

Last year, Creator Clash organizer and YouTube star iDubbbz faced off with board-certified family medicine physician and YouTuber Dr. Mike. Both influencers fought hard to the finish, but Dr. Mike ended up coming out on top by unanimous decision from the judges.

This year, things are looking a bit different. For Creator Clash 2, iDubbbz has chosen none other than Alex Wassabi as his opponent for the main event. Wassabi has shown off his skills in the boxing ring once before, having defeated Deji back in March 2022 by split-decision.

Alex Wassabi boxing training Creator Clash 2
Alex Wassabi was looking fierce ahead of his match against iDubbbz on April 15.

This marks both Wassabi and iDubbbz’s second-ever boxing match — and although Wassabi is confident in his training, he admitted he’s got one big concern about his opponent as he preps for fight night.

Alex Wassabi reveals biggest concern about Creator Clash fight

Dexerto got the chance to speak with Wassabi at a media workout two weeks ahead of the bout, where he made mention of iDubbbz’s admirable resilience in his last fight against Dr. Mike, citing how many hits his opponent was able to take without hitting the canvas.

“I am confident, nervous, and excited, and ready,” he told us in an exclusive interview. “I have not taken him lightly. I’ve been putting everything I could into training.”

“The man has a chin. Everybody knows that. He went up against Dr. Mike, who was obviously a lot bigger than him. He was more familiar with the weight they were fighting at, and he was beating iDubbbz down, and he never went down. He didn’t get knocked down. He didn’t give up. He made it through all the rounds.”

Despite this size differential, Wassabi is focused on his goal: Taking home the W, no matter how.

“I know he has a chin, but the main goal is to win,” he continued. “It doesn’t matter how I win. I’m hoping I get him out of there early, but, uh, we’ll see what happens.”

Alex Wassabi says he “got lucky” against Deji

Wassabi also let us in on a surprising fact about his previous match with Deji last year. According to the YouTuber, he “got lucky” in his fight against KSI’s little bro, and even says he only sparred about eight times in preparation for the bout.

“I’ve never said this before, but I got lucky in that fight,” he revealed. “I was not as prepared as I should have been, but luckily, my opponent was even less prepared than that. I only sparred about eight times in that training camp.”

“I have a different coach now, but my coach at the time was like, ‘You need to focus on boxing.’ And I wanted to do strength stuff. I wanted to lift, I wanted to do everything I could. And he’s like, ‘No, if you wanna get better at boxing, you gotta box. You gotta box. …It doesn’t matter if you have more muscle if you don’t know how to throw punches, if you are not accurate.’ Which now, looking back, I’m like, ‘He was correct.’ If I didn’t know how to punch, why does it matter how fast or how strong I was?”

This time around, Wassabi’s feeling far more confident in his skills — and he’s “excited” to see what he can do against iDubbbz.

“This time, I’ve done a lot of sparring. I’ve probably had, since my camp, I’ve probably had five times as much sparring as I did then. I’ve done strength [training], I do strength like two to three times a week for the last month. I get to work with a lot more pros. I have a home gym at Brick House now. I’m not just bouncing around from gym to gym. So I just feel a lot more prepared and I’m excited to see what I can do. Because you don’t really know until you get in the ring.”

Alex Wassabi talks Creator Clash’s charity-driven goals

Creator Clash is all about giving back to charity, having raised over a million dollars last year to organizations like the American Heart Association and the Alzheimer’s Association of America. For Wassabi, the ASPCA is where he’s hoping to donate his dough when all is said and done… and he even wants to break 2022’s record.

“I like the Humane Society, just to help the animals,” he said. “Charity is like a big thing because… we’re doing this for charity, so we’re not getting paid that much. It’s a very little amount, because we all wanna raise as much as we can.”

“Last year they raised, I think, I believe 1.3 million, and the arena was 13,000 people. Now, it’s like 20,000 people. I looked it up to see how much that is. And it’s the same size as the Crypto Arena. So, it’s the same size and it’s almost sold out I think. It’s gonna be crazy. It’s gonna be way bigger. I’m hoping we raise a lot more money and help a lot more people.”

iDubbbz says he “belongs” in Creator Clash

For iDubbbz, Creator Clash is the perfect fit for his influencer-boxing career. Rather than orchestrating highly-publicized beefs with other content creators, he’s found that he loves the close-knit community of fighters involved in this charity-boxing event, saying he feels like this is where he “belongs.”

“I just love the atmosphere,” he said of the event. “I think [Creator Clash is] one of the only positive environments in influencer-boxing. Everything else is all about beef and drama. This one is about positivity, raising money for charity.”

“All the fighters are staying in contact. We’re all encouraging each other. ‘Keep going, let’s train. Don’t give up.’ Even with the countdown, we’re like, ‘Oh, there’s three weeks left. There’s four weeks left. You guys keep it up. Keep it up. And I just feel like this is where I belong in boxing.”

Fans can tune into Creator Clash 2 via Moment House on Saturday, April 15. For more information, be sure to check out our hub right here on Dexerto.

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