Most-watched female Twitch streamers in 2022: Amouranth dominates, VTubers rise up

biggest female twitch streamers

While there were no women at all in Twitch’s top 10 most-watched in 2022, some female streamers have attracted massive viewership nonetheless. Here is the full top 10 for women only, with Amouranth dominating the list.

Women on Twitch have always struggled to attain the same viewership figures as their male counterparts.

While there could be a great number of reasons for this, the disparity may be moving in the right direction, with some records being broken by female streamers in 2022.

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Ironmouse took the record for the most subs for a female streamer with over a 100,000 – beating Kkatamina’s record of 74,000 just a few months earlier. Despite this, Amouranth is still the only female streamer in the top 100 most-watched on Twitch.

Pokimane previously made the top 100, but has been streaming far less this year, hence her hours watched are also reduced. Check out the top 10 female streamers in 2022 below.

Top 10 most-watched female Twitch streamers

  1. Amouranth – 32.06 million
  2. Ironmouse – 20.39 million
  3. saddummy – 14.89 million
  4. jinnytty – 13.66 million
  5. 39daph – 12.82 million
  6. Pokimane – 12.28 million
  7. rivers_gg – 12.22 million
  8. Kyedae – 11.46 million
  9. Shylily – 11.25 million
  10. dda_ju – 10.61 million

The graph below, via StreamsCharts, shows how far ahead Amouranth is from the rest of the pack, with Ironmouse also having an incredible year.

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most watched female twitch streamersStreamsCharts

If Pokimane were to return to streaming full-time, it’s likely she would shoot up the rankings again. But, the OfflineTV member has hinted that she will be streaming even less in 2023.

VTubing has obviously contributed to the growth of female streaming overall, with Ironmouse and Shylily both ranking inside the top 10 on Twitch, with many more VTubers also finding success on YouTube.

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