Corpse Husband responds after superfan literally tattoos his breath on her arm

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Corpse Husband tattoo

A diehard fan of popular YouTuber Corpse Husband has got a soundwave of his breathing tattooed on her arm, and even the internet star himself is impressed. 

Corpse Husband is a YouTuber who experienced an abrupt surge in popularity in 2020, accumulating a wave of new fans after jumping on the Among Us hype, scoring views in the many millions for both his old and new content.

He started YouTube in 2015, and focused primarily on narrating spooky stories online with his mesmerizingly deep voice, though notably has not yet revealed his face.

His dedicated fans managed to win out against possibly the biggest fandom on the planet when fans of Corpse Husband and BTS tried to see who could ‘ratio’ Mr Beast’s tweet the hardest, with Corpse winning by a tiny margin and securing $10,000 for charity.

Corpse Husband image in front of Among Us background
His face is still a mystery, but Corpse Husband is one of the biggest streamers and YouTubers right now.

Corpse has slowly begun revealing parts of himself online but maintaining his anonymity. First, it was #onlyhands, and in celebration of hitting 1 million followers on Instagram, he revealed a single strand of his hair in a reveal he called #onlystrands.

One extremely passionate follower got a strand of the internet celebrity’s hair tattooed on her arm. ‘CorpseBaddie’ on Twitter decided she wanted to immortalize the image by actually tattooing the hair strand on her ribs.

It seems as though it’s now set a precedent and one fan has got an arguably more insane tattoo. On January 10 Corpse Husband tweeted a short audio clip of him breathing, and his cult status sent the clip viral, garnering more than 385,000 likes and 68,000 retweets at the time of writing.

Twitter user @chaosicon Tweeted shortly after “Sean: Someone’s gonna find a way to get that tattooed. Me: Challenge accepted. #onlybreath” followed by an image of the tattoo of a soundwave of the audio clip.

At the time of writing it has had nearly 50,000 likes, and Corpse himself responded “omg,” alongside fellow YouTuber JackSepticEye who also responded with an astounded “bro!”

This fan now has both Corpse’s hair and breath tattooed.

Understandably other Twitter users would aghast at the extent to which Corpse fans will show their loyalty. One person wrote “I’m so scared of corpse stans help.” Others shared nothing but support, with one supportive friend writing, “I feel like you’re becoming a walking Corpse billboard and honestly, we love to see it. Iconic.”

There’s clearly no limit to how far his followers will go to show their love, leaving us wondering what could possibly come next.

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