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Corpse Husband reveals plans for first Twitch stream after hitting 900k followers

Published: 11/Jul/2021 17:44

by Georgina Smith


After hitting 900,000 followers on Twitch despite never having streamed on there, Corpse Husband has announced his plans for his first stream on the platform.

Since the Among Us craze of late 2020, Corpse Husband’s popularity has been on a constant rise, and even though he was making plenty of YouTube content before then, he has now firmly cemented himself as an internet personality in his own right.

His primary platform for streaming is YouTube, but many fans have been looking to the streamer to join fellow creators like Sykkuno on Twitch for a while now.

Although he has yet to stream on it, Corpse does in fact have an account on Twitch, and incredibly it already has just over 900,000 followers.


Corpse Husband
Corpse Husband
Corpse Husband has an incredibly loyal fan base.

He’s teased the idea of streaming on the platform a couple of times before, but now he’s hit this latest milestone he’s revealed his plans for his first-ever Twitch stream to fans on Twitter.

“Gonna be streaming on Twitch later this month once I’ve finished up these songs,” he said. “Didn’t realize I was close to 900k without ever streaming on it yet, that’s so wild, thank you so much.”

Many will already be curious to see what kind of content the creator will do on Twitch, though it looks like he’s keeping his options pretty open.


He explained that it will probably be Just Chatting when he does end up streaming, but also asked fans to drop the names of any games people wanted to see him play, with people suggesting things like Silent Hill, The Sims, and more.

To get this many followers without actually streaming is certainly an incredible feat, and even Sykkuno was baffled that it’s actually Corpse’s real account.

Although he already has plenty of followers on Twitch, if he starts streaming fairly regularly he likely will end up with another huge boost as more people flock to watch Corpse on a new platform.