Corpse Husband leaks new song teaser before deleting tweet

Corpse Husband/Twitter

Corpse Husband fans could be getting a brand new song from the streaming star soon, if a mysterious, quickly-deleted clip posted to his official Twitter is any indication.

When it comes to anonymous, completely online celebrities, Corpse Husband is just about as famous as they come. Like a growing number of streamers Corpse has his own successful music career, having been portrayed by 100 Thieves Valkyrae in the music video for “DAYWALKER,” and even getting his face up in Time’s Square.

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Now, he’s teased fans with a new song that could be his latest hit. The only problem is the clip was only up for a few minutes, before being removed.

Corpse Husband avatar holding an umbrellaTwitter: CORPSE
The artist we know as Corpse Husband has been known to only briefly upload teasers of content to Twitter before deleting it.

Sure enough, a look at Corpse’s Twitter confirms so signs of the snippet to be found, seemingly disappearing as mysteriously as it arrived.

Luckily for us though, it is very hard, if not completely impossible, to delete something off of the internet once it’s out there, so the clip could still be listened to even after being removed. As you can see the clip below is originally from Corpse, even though it’s being reposted, and you should still be able to listen to a new bit of his trademark grungy, industrial sound.

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Here’s a prediction for you: if we had to guess the name would be something like “Poltergeist,” based on the first line you hear when you play the teaser.

Corpse has been on his musical grind lately it seems, because just a few days before dropping this teaser, he released a new lo-fi song that was a definite departure from his usual style — but it looks like he couldn’t stay away too long.

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There’s no telling when Corpse’s new song will drop, whatever the name ends up being. But, if he’s already posting teasers (and deleting them, like we mentioned he’s done before) then fans might not have to wait too long.

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