Valkyrae wants to help Twitch streamer that reminds her of Corpse Husband

Valkyrae Corpse HusbadTwitter: Valkyrae, Twitter: CorpseHusband

Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter has chosen to help out new Twitch streamer error8D after his dedication to honing his skills reminded her of Corpse Husband. 

When it comes to uplifting others, YouTube star and 100 Thieves Co-Owner, Valkyrae, is a master. Her openness about her previous mental health issues and streamer struggles have inspired countless fans all across the globe.

It turns out, though, that there’s a new streamer in town that Rae wants to bring to our attention. Error8D is incredibly new to Twitch, but for having only three streams under his belt he’s picked up 13.6k followers since Rae mentioned him on-stream.

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There’s one reason that the YouTube star is so determined to promote his success, however, and that’s because he reminds her of Corpse Husband.

Valkyrae as Corpse Husband in Daywalker music video with Machine Gun KellyYouTube: MGK
Valkyrae and Corpse have a close friendship, with Rae even starring as the faceless YouTuber in DAYWALKER!

Error8D reminds Rae of Corpse

When discussing error8D, Rae explains that one of the reasons she’s been so impressed by the GTA RP streamer is his unrelenting dedication to streaming.

“I messaged him last night and I said ‘here’s a list of things you need to do: make a Twitter, make some Twitch panels, and set up alerts,’ and this dude did all three of these things. He listened to me.”

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This passion reminds her of one specific person: Corpse Husband. “Y’know who he reminds me of? Corpse, because Corpse listened to me when I told him advice. These people are listening to my advice.”

She then confesses: “I feel like I need to become an agent, I feel like when I’m older I could become an agent and help creators become creators. I feel like I can see when someone has it.

(Topic begins at 14:26)

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As Rae continues on her GTA RP journey with error8D by her side, it’ll be interesting to see how he continues to grow. If it’s anything like herself and Corpse, he’ll be a household name for streamer fans everywhere.

With the amigops reuniting to take to the high seas of Dread Hunger, we might get to see Rae’s new favorite streamer make an appearance if there are any further collab streams. Until then, though, we’ll catch him causing chaos alongside Rae.

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