Corpse Husband gives update on possible Howie Mandel stream

instagram:howiemandel/ Corpse Husband

Corpse Husband has given an update on his potential collaboration with Howie Mandel after the two connected on social media recently.

In the wildest crossover event of 2021, game show host Howie Mandel tweeted at YouTube and music mega-star Corpse Husband teasing a potential collaboration between the two. The tweet included an edited photo of Corpse with Howie’s signature bald head, and many Corpse fans were excited for a potential stream involving the two.

Howie is known for his hosting duties on the popular reality game show Deal or No Deal, as well as America’s Got Talent.

While Corpse seemed excited about a potential collab, no stream has happened. Though, the internet sensation has given fans an update on the situation, shedding some light on what’s happened since.

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Howie Mandel and Corpse HusbandInstagram: howiemandel/YouTube: Anthony Padilla
The original teaser tweet for collab stream came on August 10.

Howie and Corpse stream update

Corpse was playing Phasmophobia with his pals Sykkuno and Valkyrae when she asked Corpse if there was any update on the Howie situation. Corpse responded saying: “He donowalled me and farmed likes.”

Donowalled, for those not up on their Twitch lingo, means to ignore somebody entirely, so it looks like Howie wasn’t too interested in streaming together in the first place.

As Sykkuno searched around in the dark he poked fun at it: “Howie Mandel, where are you? Give us a sign!” with Corpse jokingly adding: “Maybe Howie will play Phasmophobia with us…”

Sadly, from this update, it looks like we won’t be seeing a stream together between the two of them as Corpse says he hasn’t responded to his attempts to collaborate together.

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While it’s always possible Howie decides to hit Corpse up for a collaboration, right now it’s not looking too likely. Hopefully, fans get what they want as the unusual crossover has attracted plenty of attention.