Sykkuno wins Twitch Battleships tournament with ridiculous 200 IQ play

Sykkuno playing battleshipsTwitch: Sykkuno/Battleship

Twitch star Sykkuno completely wiped the floor with the opposition on his way to picking up a win in a Battleships tournament, pulling off one of the craziest final rounds ever seen. 

Whether it’s in Among Us, GTA RP, Valorant or something else, Sykkuno has established himself as a freak of nature when it comes to games. He can dominate pretty much anything and everything after an hour or two.

While playing Battleships with friends might seem like the perfect chance to have a joke and stop the competitive juices from flowing, that hasn’t been the case.

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Sykkuno has been dominating everyone at that too, even winning a streamer tournament in incredible fashion, pulling off one of the craziest sweeps of the board that Battleships has ever seen.

Sykkuno at his stream setupSykkuno, Twitch
Sykkuno has become known for streaming games like Minecraft and Among Us.

The ridiculous highlight came as he took on Jerma in the final of the event with 300 gifted subs on the line and started to get a feel for just where his fellow streamer’s ships were located.

Sykkuno quickly figured out where one ship was located and took a shot, surprising Ludwig, who could see the whole board. After his first shot, Sykkuno aimed his crosshairs towards the bottom of the grid.

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Again, he fired off a shot and hit one of the ships. This time, he couldn’t help himself from laughing as he’d started to figure out the board.

After that, well, it was playing sailing for Sykkuno. He loaded up some epic music and walked it off in impressive fashion, walking everyone through where the remaining ships were.

Neither Jerma nor Ludwig could believe what they were seeing, but viewers were blown away by how epic it was.

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As a result of his big brain plays, Sykkuno netted himself a whole host of gifted subs, and again, proven he’s one of Twitch’s video game kings.

What he’ll do for his next trick is anyone’s guess, but he’ll have to go some way to being more impressive than this.

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