Corpse Husband responds after Howie Mandel asks to stream with him

Jacob Hale
Howie Mandel and Corpse Husband
Instagram: howiemandel/YouTube: Anthony Padilla

In a bizarre string of events, Canadian comedian and TV personality Howie Mandel has offered to stream some games with Corpse Husband — and the YouTube star has responded.

Corpse Husband has become arguably one of the biggest personalities on the internet, a super impressive feat considering nobody actually knows who he is or what he looks like.

His fans are some of the most committed you’ll ever find, providing him a level of growth and interactions most could only dream of.

It looks like that hasn’t gone unnoticed, too, as Mandel has called to his fans asking if they want to see him stream with Corpse. “Hi fandels,” he said, referring to his fans. “Like this if you want to see me game with @CORPSE.”

Obviously, the tweet popped off, with Corpse and his fans flooding Mandel’s mentions asking to make it happen.

With almost 1500 retweets and 30k likes at the time of writing, there’s evidently some massive interest in a stream with Mandel and Corpse — and the internet enigma himself responded to Mandel, stunned by the offer.

After quote tweeting simply saying “LMAO WHAT,” Corpse responded to Howie saying it’s a deal, asking him for a follow so that they can “set it up for some time.”

It’ll be interesting to see what exactly goes down between these two, but it looks like a stream and some games are on the cards down the line.

Mandel is no stranger to the world of gaming. He’s voiced on several games as well as launching mobile games as part of the Howie’s Games project.

Whether he can hang with Corpse in the digital space, though, remains to be seen.