Corpse Husband drops ‘shadow’ reveal and fans are obsessed

Connor Bennett
Corspe Husband logo on red background
YouTube: Vibez Check

Corpse Husband’s real face continues to allude fans, however, the YouTuber has done a ‘shadow’ reveal and it’s safe to say that his followers can’t enough of it. 

Even though he’s had a presence on YouTube for years, Corpse Husband has blown up in the last 18 months as fans have become obsessed with his mysterious aura.

The YouTuber hasn’t revealed his face to his fans – though, plenty of other content creators know what he looks like – and has only dropped cryptic hints in the past.

That includes tweeting a photo of a single strand of hair that some fans quickly turned into tattoos. He’s bumped things up a notch by tweeting out a video of his shadow, and again, fans are just obsessed with it.

Animation of Corpse Husband in a YouTube video
YouTube: AnthonyPadilla
Corpse Husband has a hugely dedicated fanbase.

The YouTube and music star was celebrating his ‘E-Girls are ruining my life’ track hitting over 200 million streams on Spotify, which is an absolutely massive milestone no matter how dedicated of a fanbase you have.

“Thank you for everything, appreciate you endlessly,” Corpse said, attaching a two-second long clip of his shadow to the post. That’s literally alls it is, a shadow of his head and torso, but that’s more than enough for some fans.

“Prettiest shadow I’ve ever seen ngl,” commented milk_g0re. “Will come back to this every day, ur so pretty,” said another. “I’m half of the 1 million views (the video has),” added another fan.

While there have been some ‘leaks’ regarding Corpse’s actual face, they haven’t been proven as correct so far, and the YouTuber maintains his mysterious image.

Some fans are desperate to get an actual look at him, but that feels like it isn’t coming anytime soon, and they’ll just have to wait until he’s ready. Though, he might choose to never show his face and maintain the secrecy around him.