Corinna Kopf explains surprise move to Facebook Gaming after Twitch ban

Virginia Glaze. Last updated: Dec 27, 2019
Corinna Kopf, Twitter

Popular YouTuber and streamer Corinna Kopf has announced her move to Facebook Gaming, following an unexpected ban from Twitch over a year-old clip.

Kopf revealed the news on December 27 after teasing a potential platform switch the day prior in a cryptic Tweet, which claimed she had been “looking further” into other websites.

Now, she has joined the likes of former Twitch star “Disguised Toast” on Facebook’s streaming service, explaining that the company’s platform allows her to make a “positive” change in the gaming sphere.

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“Most of you know gaming has become a huge part of my life over the last year,” Kopf wrote of her signage to Facebook. “As a female gamer, it’s so important for me to find a home that not only empowers myself, but also all of you, in order to make a positive impact in the gaming world.”

The streamer went on to thank her fans for their continued support during her switch, which marks yet another major face that has left Twitch for presumably greener pastures.

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Kopf’s move to Facebook Gaming follows her public outrage against Twitch in early December, after she was unexpectedly banned due to a clip that was “well over” a year old during her 2019 birthday broadcast.

The clip in question featured Kopf adjusting a lace bra that she wore beneath a plaid button-up shirt — presumably the reason for her ban, and not the Chanel tank top she sported during her birthday stream.

Corinna Kopf, Twitter

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“If we’re banning people for year-old clips, then I’ll start making my list right now,” she said of her suspension, going on to compare the incident to the scandal surrounding streamer Alinity Divine and her host of pet-related controversies.

While Kopf has made no mention of her ban in regards to her switch to Facebook Gaming, she isn’t the first streamer to join the platform in recent days: as previously mentioned, Disguised Toast likewise joined Facebook’s ranks in late November, similarly citing the platform’s positive impact on the community.

Disguised Toast/Facebook
Disguised Toast joined Facebook Gaming a month prior to Kopf’s signage with the platform.

With Twitch signing major deals with streamers like TimTheTatMan and CouRage, there’s no telling what huge shift will come in the streaming space as the New Year approaches.