PETA “demands” Twitch ban Alinity following dog drama

David Purcell
Alinity, Twitter

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have called for streamer Alinity Divine to be banned from Twitch over treatment of her pets during broadcasts. 

The American animal rights organization has accused the popular streamer of “cruelty” in a statement posted on December 4, and it’s not the first time that they have advocated the platform take action.

Back in July, Alinity was accused of abusing cats after being seen throwing her pet during a livestream and spitting vodka in another cat’s mouth. PETA demanded her removal then and have now moved to reiterate their stance.

Alinity, Instagram

Alinity has never faced a ban on the streaming website for these incidents, although some viewers have complained about her treatment of her pets, particularly, in the past.

One Twitter user, clearly concerned by the content Alinity has been putting out on Twitch, responded to one of PETA’s posts: “Please, check the sh*t Alinity is doing with her dog on Twitch…we’re done with Twitch not doing anything about animal abuse, and we have no options left.”

In response, PETA reiterated their stance to have the streamer’s channel removed. They said: “We are aware of the cruelty and have demanded Twitch take her off of the platform.”

The user who reached out to the organization, TheMaxTheory, cited a recent incident on stream where Alinity’s behavior with dogs was called into question.

The clip has since gone insanely viral, resulting in renewed scrutiny on Alinity’s channel. Calls for her to be banned were quickly shrugged off by the streamer herself, describing it as a “ridiculous” drama.

“People are like really mad about this. Like, people think I should be banned for that,” she said on December 1. “I think it’s so ridiculous, like seriously guys, y’all have gone way too far.”

The dog sniffing her crotch on stream has sparked some mainstream media coverage as well, with the HuffPost posting an article titled ‘Here’s Why Dogs Sniff Your Crotch When You’re On Your Period’. She shared with her followers on Twitter, joking about people going back through her broadcasts to find similar moments.

She tweeted: “I stream 6 days a week and get 12 periods a year. That’s at least 48 broadcasted period days! So there are literally people combing through thousands of hours of streams.”

As of December 5, Alinity’s channel remains intact. With the clip now shared widely, it’s unlikely that retrospective action will be taken by Twitch, despite PETA’s concerns.

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