Colleen Ballinger’s lawyers allegedly sent cease & desist letter to H3H3 fan account

Meera Jacka
Colleen Ballinger's lawyers allegedly sent cease and desist letter to H3H3 fan account

The H3 Podcast has been covering the allegations made against Colleen Ballinger and her lawyers are evidently not happy, sending a cease and desist letter… to a fan account.

Despite the serious nature of the allegations made against Miranda Sings star Colleen Ballinger, the YouTuber has become somewhat of an internet meme following her bizarre ukulele “apology”.

Ballinger has been accused of a surplus of inappropriate interactions with minors, including grooming, bullying, and most recently, coercion.

Now, Ballinger’s response to the accusations has spurred further bafflement after her lawyers mistakenly sent a cease-and-desist letter to a H3 Podcast fan account.

A fan account titled ‘Ethan’s Basement‘ reached out to Klein to inform the YouTuber and podcast host that they had received a cease and desist letter by mistake.

“So, my first reaction when I saw this was like ‘man, there’s no way’,” Klein said. Knowing the fan account to be reliable, he first thought a troll had sent the letter.

He tweeted the initial news, stating “I’m assuming this is fake until I see it. I can’t imagine her lawyers would be dumb enough to send it to a fan channel.” Klein added an enthusiastic “let’s go” if it turned out to be true — and it seems to have checked out.

Discussing the letter on his podcast, Klein called the latest update “interesting”, seemingly amused by the mishap and unconcerned by the development.

“I had not received this letter… we checked all of my emails,” Klein said. “Before then, her brilliant lawyer had sent this cease and desist to Ethan’s Basement… not the public email address I have for work that I check regularly, you know, not my main email that I check associated with my YouTube account. No. Ethan’s Basement.”

The letter requested Klein to clarify that Ballinger did not upload and copyright her musical response to the allegations, “Toxic Gossip Train”.

“What I find compelling about this is that they don’t care about all the other stuff… not the grooming, not ‘the brother’s a pedophile,’” Klein went on to say.

If a lawsuit is in on the way — and it seems to be in the works — we’ll be sure to keep you updated on all developments. For all the latest entertainment news, be sure to check out our page here.