Colleen Ballinger’s victims claim “coercion” was used to “shame” minors

Meera Jacka
Colleen Ballinger’s victims reveal coercion was used to shame minors

Three of Colleen Ballinger’s alleged victims have shared their stories on the H3 Podcast, claiming “coercion” was frequently used to put minors in a position where Ballinger could shame them for their appearance.

The wave of backlash against Colleen Ballinger has continued to grow in what is undoubtedly now an internet tsunami of hate, horror, and shock.

With multiple allegations of grooming, bullying, and exploitation, Ballinger’s career has seemingly been upended overnight — especially following her failed apology that came in the form of a musical ukulele number.

Now three of Ballinger’s alleged victims have spoken up in a tell-all interview on the H3 Podcast posted to YouTube. At one point the notorious “fart joke” with Becky was discussed, in which Ballinger called the then-minor on stage and spread her legs in front of the audience.

While Becky has already shared her story and how the incident affected her, new information revealed Ballinger allegedly “coerced” multiple minors into dressing “skimpy” so that she could shame them.

Johnny, who previously worked for Ballinger, said fans would have conversations with the YouTuber during meet-and-greets in which she encouraged them to dress a particular way for the chance to be called up on stage.

“These girls would just try to dress skimpier and skimpier,” Johnny said. “The victim blaming and the sl**-shaming of children and the misogyny is beyond.”

While Becky clarified that there wasn’t an expectation put on her personally, she did follow up Johnny’s statement by claiming to have known fans who had been pushed into wearing revealing outfits.

Becky on the H3 Podcast
Becky discussed the “fart joke” incident and how people responded to her story.

“What I meant by fans being coerced or lured into these situations, it’s because if you dress a certain way you get to have a stage moment with your idol,” Johnny clarified. “Who wouldn’t want to have pictures of them on stage with Miranda Sings? Before I worked for her, I used to have my hand in the air waving her down, trying to get called up.”

He went on to further explain the power dynamic that was used to allegedly manipulate minor fans into offering their bodies for entertainment purposes.

“It was your goal to get called up on stage. You would do what had to be done to get called up,” Johnny said. “You would degrade yourself to have your moment with this woman.”

While Becky said she has received a lot of support since sharing her story, she also shared that she’s “gotten an insane amount of backlash” with people commenting on her body from the video of her on stage.

We wish all three the best of luck moving forward and will be sure to keep you updated as the story progresses. For all the latest entertainment news, be sure to check out our page here.