KSI slams YouTube for second channel strike over child safety: “How is this fair?”

KSI hits out at youtube over strikeYouTube: JJ Olatunji

YouTube star and chart-topping music artist KSI is at the end of his rope after his second channel got hit with another strike for “child safety,” placing the account in danger of termination.

KSI is one of the biggest influencers in the UK, and arguably, the entire world. Starting out as a comedic sketch and gaming channel, KSI has gone on to become a massive presence in the music biz over the course of his eleven-year career as an entertainer.

Despite his overall positive presence online (regularly getting roasted by his fans in his Reddit reaction videos and always wearing a smile), the content of his second channel has become a bit of an issue with YouTube as of late.

In early March, KSI claimed that his second channel (titled JJ Olatunji) had been hit with a Community Guidelines strike over “child endangerment” in one of his “Try Not To Laugh” videos. This means that the video included content that could have shown a child in a dangerous situation.

KSI reveals YouTube channel strikes

On August 13, KSI took to Twitter to show that the same channel had been hit with two more strikes over the same issue — one on June 8 and the other on August 13. The YouTuber appeared to be beside himself, unsure how he could possibly comb over all his older content to be sure it fits within YouTube’s ruleset.

A screenshot of the strikes shows a message from YouTube that reads, “If this happens again, just one more strike will result in the permanent removal of your channel.”

“1 more strike and it’s over lol,” he said of the situation. “I feel like it’s inevitable anyway. I physically can’t watch every single video I’ve made on my 2nd channel to see if there’s any child safety in it…”

“I love YouTube, but this ain’t it man,” he wrote in another tweet. “How is this fair?”

Will he quit YouTube?

While YouTube has been KSI’s home for over a decade, it seems that the ‘Down Like That’ artist is losing his cool with the platform over its rules.

It’s important to note that YouTube’s Community Guidelines strikes are not permanent. They expire after 90 days, meaning that one’s channel can be considered safe if they avoid breaking the rules too many times within that time frame. If one receives two strikes before the first has expired, they cannot post for two weeks.

However, if one receives three strikes on their channel before they have expired, then their channel is subject to permanent deletion — which can mean a major loss of income to content creators who rely on their channel for money.

It’s unclear if KSI will be moving to another platform or not, but thus far, it seems like the British Superstar is being met with a ton of support from his fans during a stressful moment in his occupation as a creator.