Charli D’Amelio’s dad slams social media for not “elevating positivity”

Charlotte Colombo

Marc D’Amelio, the father of TikTok superstars Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, has hit out at online trolls in a series of pointed Tweets .

Suggesting that social media platforms themselves need to take more responsibility, D’Amelio argued that these sites “need to do better to elevate positivity,” as opposed to negativity.

“The fact that hate comments get so much attention just perpetuate the negativity,” he said in his tweet. “I am not for censorship, but I am for rewarding the good s**t. Be nice!”

When a fan responded to his Tweet suggesting that that Charli turns off TikTok comments, pointing out that the comments were getting “filled with hate and triggering stuff”, Marc replied that “if you turn off the comments the haters win”.

Fans had mixed responses to Marc’s take. Some Twitter users were supportive of his sentiments, with one fan saying that “the only solution is to keep doing what you love to do, making them realise they can’t break you.”

Meanwhile, others claimed that the scrutiny Charli and Dixie faced on social media was justified due to their recent lockdown-flouting trip to the Bahamas, with one Twitter user saying: “Unnecessary hate is wrong, but if it’s hold your kids accountable, it’s deserved. Stop trying to ignore criticism. Millions have died and your kids were in the Bahamas. Some criticism is deserved.”

Other Twitter users were doubtful that at the tender age of 16, Charli, should be on social media at all, with one fan saying: “Honestly if he cared about his daughters he would tell Charli to quit social media. She is so young and is already going through so much cyber bullying and mental health issues that can have serious effects on a developing brain. I wasn’t even allowed social media at that age.”

Marc D’Amelio’s Tweets come at a time where Charli and Dixie are facing backlash from fans for travelling during the current health crisis, with Charli most recently jetting out to Barbados.

Charli has also faced criticism for being “entitled” after complaining about the time it took to reach 100m followers, and more recently was part of an embarrassing viral video where she can be seen shrugging off her mom in a trailer for reality show ‘The D’Amelios’.