Pokimane slams “irresponsible” TikTok parents who turn kids into content for clout

Michael Gwilliam
pokimane hosting her podcast in her room

Twitch streamer Pokimane is not a fan of parents who use their kids to make TikTok content, accusing them of not caring about their children’s mental well-being.

In a May 21 episode of her ‘don’t tell anyone’ podcast, Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys delved into parts of social media she dislikes and specific took aim at parents who are using their kids for clicks.

Parents running family channels have been a controversial subject for some time now, and Pokimane says these moms and dads are putting profits before their children.

“Are you really a parent if you’re being so goddamn irresponsible?” she blasted. “Sometimes, you’ll even see that the parent is click-baiting their child in inappropriate ways, whether that’s like involving nether regions or if the kid is eating something, and like the item is inappropriately shaped or what have you.”

Pokimane also called out parents who go into a “momager mode” to grow accounts for their kids by producing viral videos for them.

“Their priority is clout, viewers, audience, and it is not the mental well-being of their child or their child’s future,” slammed the 28-year-old.

pokimane punches on twitch
Pokimane blasted parents for using their kids for clout.

Back in 2021, a family vlogger faced backlash when she asked her son to cry for a YouTube thumbnail, with fans accusing her of using her emotionally distressed child for views.

Anys referenced an Instagram account where a young girl with an eating condition tried different foods, with each video receiving millions of views. While the parent says this content is to bring attention to the disorder, some of the comments on the clips are concerning.

“Your kid just doesn’t need an Instagram page where millions of people are watching them eat food, and half or more of the comments are sh*tty,” the streamer said. “You need to make sure that anything you post with your child or with someone young in it is essentially like so tame or innocent that there is like a basically 0% chance that they might grow up to regret it.”

“I don’t give a f**k how many dollars you make from TikTok views,” the Moroccan-Canadian remarked. “You’re selling your kids’ mental well-being for a few 100 bucks? Dislike.”

Although there are instances where parents clearly try to manage their kids’ accounts, there are also wholesome moments when a kid will go viral randomly and become the talk of the internet.

For example, earlier in May, a “fully conscious baby” blew up the net for her adorably enthusiastic reaction about going to the Four Seasons Orlando hotel.

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